Do fighter gamers play other game genres?

cause i think FG genre really need to to be dedicated on it else u will get rusty as soon as u leave to other games genre .
what i mean there is alot of nice games i really like out side FG genre but i dont have time to play it due to high learning curve and the time consuming to get better.

do u play any other genre ?


and in other news… yes.
Katamari, Tetris Attack, God of War, InFamous, LBP, etc. All good games.

come on, give the 10 year old a break, in response to the thread, yes.

I enjoy the call of duty series

and an MMO currently Rift, hell, cause of my fighting game roots i enjoy alot of PVP in MMOs

Because of the competitive nature of FGs I’m sure Im not the only one that brings that feeling to other games.

He’s 32.

i’m Egyptian english not my native but i think you got what i mean though!

of course, I play a lot of other games: TF2, LoL, Infamous 2 , Uncharted 2 , FFXIII , killzone 3 , smash Brothers BRawl , mvc3(with friends, I can’t get in online.)…and a whole lot more.

Ive been playing a lot of Brink lately, and Ive had my run with CoD but something always brings me back to fighting games after all the shooters get old.

It helps to take a break from FG genres to prevent from getting (burnt out?) and coming back refreshed.

I agree with Nemesys_Syndro. sometimes you need a break. especially after training hard for a tourney.

i love action games like God of War, Darksiders, Splatter House, Bayonetta, and Devil May Cry. i like some shooters mostly Halo and Gears. i LOVE RPGs. i’m a sucker for JRPGs especially like Final Fantasy, and the Tales games.

I play other fighting games that i have no interest in competing with i just like playing them, like Blazblue and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

and i am a POKEMANIAC. that’s right i LOVE pokemon. /\ _ /\ Full Pokedex in Platinum with NO cheats. No masterballs, rare candies, money, etc. did it all the good old fashioned way and NOBODY ever believes me when i say this… still working on the Black and White Dex.

on that note does anyone have a Tepig they wanna trade?

I’ve found that after getting SSF4, I really started playing less of other genres, compared to before, but I still do play some. Built my new PC back in March and I bought Mass Effect 2 right after that, going to preorder Skyrim soon, too. Played L.A. Noire recently, and I picked up three other games I’m working on: Sly Collection, Uncharted 2, and Red Dead Redemption.

Its fun when the games you missed start to get cheap. :smiley:

i concur sir. one good thing about getting a 360 so late is that all the really good games are old and cheap now. : D
oh and i want Skyrim so bad it hurts… who’s ready to dump another 200+ hours of their life into Obsidian’s pocket?

i’ve got an I.V. of Mountain Dew on standby.

I play starcraft pretty hardcore

when I’m salty about fighting games there nothing like playing something that makes me 10 times more salty

That’s why I bought Demon’s Souls, the game that reminded me “Hey, I own a PS3!”

More reasons to remind yourself you have a PS3: Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, and the new Sly Cooper. : D

Not a fan of Infamous, so the sequel doesn’t appeal to me at all. But I did pick up Uncharted 2 and The Sly Collection recently. Just about done with Uncharted 2, and if it wasn’t for a release date so close to Skyrim, I’d preorder Uncharted 3 in a heartbeat. Never played Sly 2 or 3, so I’m getting those out of the way, too. The only downside to all this is the controller. I just don’t like how “squishy” the L2 and R2 Buttons feel, among other things. I find the 360 pad to be superior in every way…besides the D-pad.

I know logitech has a PS3 controller. Maybe I should look into that.

yea i know what you mean. switching from playing on the PS2 to the PS3 felt REALLY weird with the new controller. The Logitech controller is good, they always make good gear. Even the Madcatz and the Gamestop controller are pretty good. No third-party peripherals really grinds my gears…

plus those PSP Legends Collections look really neat considering i never wanted a PSP and maybe now i can play the 3 or 4 good games that were on it. : P

I’ve been playing a lot of RPG’s in between playing fighters lately - Grandia 1 being one of my favorites.

Actually I play Assassin’s Creed (enjoy the storyline a lot) and my favorite games of all times are the Shenmue franchise and Mystical Ninja for the N64…
but to be quite honest, as of late I’ve been all about the fighting game scene, besides the amount of fun and depth in it, it’s also the fact that I feel as if the rest of the games out right now are pretty boring, not as creative and feel like the same “last” game that was based on shooting, or random jumping to crush a building…I feel like today’s developers sacrifice gameplay for graphics.

Competitive FPS!

CS1.6 'til it dies sometime within the next year or so :[

I personally like story based horror/suspense games. Pity that there’s not too many of them.

Silent Hill series, Amnesiac (PC), Siren, Fatal Frame series, Dead Space, etc. When the PSN network was down, I went back and purchased a PS2 console with a number of games to refresh me back of the good ole classics.

9/10 times when I play these games, I usually end up streaming them to share with other viewers.