Do fighting games need multiplayer to be a good game?

This question is aimed more at hand-held and mobile fighting games.

You really oughta re-word everything

Thanks I changed it. I have been curious about this question for some time and thought this would be the best place to ask it.

Um, yes.

Shit, when I used to play RPGs and other single player games, I’d wish a person could just hop in from online and take control of the enemies. We’ll all be dead before we get real AI that can match us. (But we probably still won’t consider it true AI) But boy do we have a lot of real intelligence just laying around doing nothing. Have them hop in to my game and kick my ass. I think Demon’s Souls does this?

If you want a good single-player “fighting” game, you’d probably have to disguise the game as one. Kind of like how Ikaruga is a puzzler that looks like a shoot-em-up. Or de-emphasize the fighting aspect of the game. Maybe instead of straight 1v1 fights make it survival mode. That way the game is more about the strategy of acquiring and utilizing resources to survive wave after wave of increasingly cheaper opponents. Or a BlazBlue story mode thing, where it was more Visual Novel than, well, gameplay.

I think one of the Virtua Fighters had a supposed “learning AI” but it seemed like all it could learn was my-foot-to-it’s-ass.

Anyways, if a fighting game isn’t about the fighting, then why bother? Shrug. Fuck you Ikaruga.

To be a good game, no, to be a better game that fans would then agree was a good game with longevity, yes.

You could have the best fighting system going, but nobody will play for long against CPU only opponents.

if your idea of a good fighting game is basically a 15 minute megaman game where you only fight the bosses then no they don’t need multiplayer to be good

So I’m the only Punch-Out fan here? :frowning:

How’s DoA: Dimensions online, btw?

Hell no, I love Punch Out. :tup:

As for the topic, the answer is yes. You don’t play chess solo, or basketball, baseball, or boxing. Fighting games involve two players competing with each other, not one.

As far as handhelds go, I think multiplayer is still important, especially since past handheld fighters have been great (Bleach DS, SvC). But both handheld and mobile fighters might be able to get away with being single-player because they’re not taken as seriously. Personally, I hate on-screen buttons in mobile games because they clutter up the screen, plus it just feels weird.

as long as the replay value can be manage in other competitive forms, like leader boards and what not than I think so.

Much smoother than four was. If you played four online you know what I mean.

Even outside these platforms I don’t think they need multiplayer to be good games. Just not games I have any interest in. Warzard is a fine game, I bet a lot of people had a lot of fun with it. It’s beautiful and well-made.