Do Gamer Finger switches fit inside Sanwa/Seimitsu pushbuttons?

Has anybody tried using the switches offered by Gamer Finger in a Sanwa Pushbutton? is the mod possible? I ask because i have clear sanwa pushbuttons with artwork and would rather just replace the switches with cherry mx blue ones. If i were to just order the gamer finger tops with the “+” mechanical key design provided through focus attack, would that solve my problem?

There is an existing mod to use mechanical switches sold on paradise arcade, however it will require you to purchase separate switches instead of using ones you already have.

@PinoyPryde is correct. If you want Cherry switches in Sanwa buttons, pick up a set of OBS-MX from PAS.

Quick question - does the OBS-MX plunger work with both 24mm and 30mm button sizes?

Unfortunately no, the board the switch is on is too big to fit inside a 24mm button without modification.