Do HDMI Devices Lag?


I’ve read the Definitive HDTV lag posts (both new and old) and I didn’t see anything about HDMI devices introducing lags so I am going to ask questions specific to HDMI devices.

I have 2 displays I use. In the day time or non-movie time, I use a 720p LCD HDTV from Viewsonic and at night or during movie-nights, I use my Sanyo Z4 LCD front projection to a 100 inch screen.

With 2 displays, my connection is the following:

All connections are done with HDMI cables.

PS3 -> 5 to 1 HDMI Switch (electronic switch)-> 7.1 HDMI Receiver -> 1 to 2 HDMI distributor -> (Both) LCD TV and LCD front projector.

Other than the known TV scaling / processing delays, how about the rest of the HDMI devices in the chain? Do they add delays? If so how much?

According to my HDMI receiver manual, it is a pass-thru HDMI connection so it suppose to only process HDMI audio and video suppose to be pass thru but I don’t know if it adds any delays or not. How about the switch and the distribution amp?