Do I get more hate speech/mail than others?

Seriously, it’s getting a little ridiculous with how much hate speech and mail I get. I played and endless battle on Thursday and had 4 of the people in the room talking shit about my guile and how weak he was.

I have never met a bigger bunch of bitches than I met on Thursday night. In specific, a guy named “greendelsol”. I would highly advise muting him should you run in to him. Before he and I even played, he started talking about how weak my guile was, and how he was going to crush me with his gief. When he finally did get his chance in the lobby, I walked all over his gief, it was like playing a 7 year old who had not learned about blocking yet, despite his 2000+BP. I raped him badly and he got 10 times worse with his mouth.

“All you fucking do is run away”…what kind of a fucking moron zangief player is he? Does he expect guile to sit right next to him so he can SPD me? His friends chimed in too, all of them taking shots at me while I was playing. I fended them all off by beating the shit out of them in the game. They continued to talk shit about my poor game play, right up through my 38th win in a row. After my initial win against “greendelsol”, I booted him, and he came back over and over and over. I never let him play again, instead, I informed him that I was undefeated against him, and I would never allow him a rematch…because I knew it would piss him off…and it did.

I pounded them all, and taught them what guile zoning is all about. Despite the shit they talked, their win record versus mine showed the truth of who was the superior player, I just wish people would shut the fuck up and stop bitching. I just don’t understand how people feel they are justified in lambasting someone for weak play, when they are getting their faces kicked in, by that supposed “weak player”

If any of the guys present the other night are SRK members and reading this, I just want to say, thanks for all the wins, they were easy, and so were you.

This is my everyday bs as a low tier user for…I can’t remember how long, except that I get props for beating the crap out of peeps who use higher tier chars. Oh well, screw em.

I use Guile and get beat a lot so it’s me who’s lacking in those matches. I beat lots of dudes too so it evens out. I like to zone initially so they think I don’t know what I’m doing then I play aggressively which confuses them and they make mistakes and underestimate me. Trap em in the corner and they don’t know what to do…they freeze. Love it. Long live Guile. Mind game out the ass.

I get more hate mail in PSN and I hardly get any when I’m on XBL. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

Boy did this ever not need to be a thread. We don’t give a fuck if you beat some noobs online.

There is always a bunch of losers who talk shit when they lose. I will say though, when I lose to someone very skilled, I compliment them, but when I lose to someone who spams and does random moves/ultras, they will get a little lovely message lol.

People are retarded. What kind of idiot would stand close to Gief?!? IMO, the amount of crybaby dumbass players online severely outweighs those that are serious about the game and actually offer constructive criticism. It’s starting to piss me off too, don’t worry.

That is so freaking disgusting dude, I really hate that. I never send hate mail on the contrary I’m always sending “Good Game”, or “Great Match” etc… etc… I stay positive, I haven’t had the luck of too much hate mail in super but in vanilla oh boy.

Funny enough, I get more hate mail from players who are aware of the tourney scene. Especially when I’m using Guile… seems like a lot of shoto players disdain the fact that Guile is finally put into a proper power level. The worst is when I get hate-mail, win or lose… saying something like “you f***ing scrub, Daigo you aint” - and I’ve gotten on many occasions, messages of the same tone.