Do I have a faulty button?

Alright guys I just played with my TE stick(360) for about 3 hours. Everything works perfectly except for the Y button. The Y button works but it isn’t as responsive as the other buttons. Basically it doesn’t feel as sensitive as the rest but it feel like something is causing it to be less springy. I’m no expert at this stuff but I need someone’s opinion on the diagnosis or how to fix it. I asked this on the SE/TE/Fightpad thread but no one seems to want to answer it. Any help would be appreciated.

Well, there are several things you can do, most of them involve opening the controller.

First place I’d look is the spring in the microswitch. Open up your box, there should be quick disconnect terminals attached to all your buttons. Pull out the Y button, removing the terminals. Remove the microswitch from the button, it’s the black part with the terminals on it. If you want a more springy button, open up the microswitch by levering the tabs holding top to bottom off. BE CAREFUL! There is a spring and a ball bearing inside the microswitch, if you’re not careful you could launch them.

The quick and dirty way to fix the problem now is to stretch the spring out. Then reassemble the button, and try it out.

The more rigorous way is to find an identical spring and thread it in with the existing spring, giving you a more forceful return at the price of having to hit it a little harder.

The safe way is to just order a Sanwa OBSF-30RG from or and replace your whole button. That’s what the fightsticks were designed for, and the quick disconnects plug and play with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts.

i thought the buttons in the TE are OBSF-30, not OBSF-30RG and would therefore use SW-68 switches.

Thanks for the help spencerforhire81. I remember seeing a video posted here on how to open a sanwa button. Does anyone know the link?