Do I have a problem?

I’ve broken 2 controllers and 3 arcade sticks from getting angry at losing, I’m about to just switch to whoever is the best character just so I can get easier wins and I can’t stop bashing myself in the head with the arcade stick whenever I lose

Do I need help?

yup ^_^!

At least it’s not like the cool veterans that take there anger on noobs and talk shit just because they have teh intranet. Keep the anger to yourself, and you’ll learn to get over it sometime, if you go here stupid people like SSblanka will attempt to make you feel like crap. or like the some retard going “brool story coo” cuz he’s literally a retard.

haha, I wouldn’t worry about it. I “broke” a pad yesterday. I opened it up and fixed it though - one of the buttons had just moved out of place. I’d recommend putting something soft on the ground so that you can throw whatever you want to throw into it without damaging anything. I rarely rage, but when I do it’s not a nice sight!

how bout you try less expensive ways to rage?

Smoke weed.

I don’t want my brain to die

Chronic marijuana smoke exposure in the rhesus monkey. IV: Neurochemical effects and comparison to acute and chronic exposure to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in rats.


It means no ‘changes’ or damage to any parts of the brain.
What it does is that it functions as a cloud on your brain so to say. It doesn’t change the brain itself.
Smoking consecutively too long means that the suppressing effect stays longer.

You could consider a helmet too when you can’t stop banging your head.
Just chill down.

smoke weed everyday

Don’t worry about your brain “dying” from getting high. It’s already dead if you broke all of what you said you did. You may want to seriously consider wearing a football helmet when you play, or all hours of the day for that matter.

drugs are good for u jesus told me

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Dude dont waste money on good controllers and sticks. Just rage quit. They gain nothing from the fight and you successfully raged without breaking anything. No one can check your % on endless anyways so its a win win!

Problem or not, raging as a beginner shows a lack of understanding of how to learn to play this game. You should be to worried about getting wins. You need to focus on small parts of you game, and train them up, eventually being able to put them all together into a strategy that will allow you to win.

In other words, don’t play to win all the time. Play to learn. Spend most of your matches focused on small parts of a strategy. Like learning how to use your pokes, anti-airing, landing a new combo or not jumping. If you succeed on the small part of your game that you’re working on, look at it like a win, because it is. If you learn something, it’s a lot more important than a check in your wins column. Once you learn enough, you can begin to start learning how to play to win. It will even get you playing vs. better players. A good player will give you no respect, even after they lose to you, if you’re just doing random stuff. They will respect you, though, if they can see that you’re trying to learn, even if they’re raping you for 20 matches.

edit: There’s also been studies that have been done recently, showing that the canabinoids in marijuana are anti-carcinogens. Meaning that they interrupt the reproduction of cancerous cells, while leaving healthy cells unaffected.

who are you and what’s your problem w/ me?

as for OP yes you have some problem.

who the fuck are you and what’s your problem w/ me?

as for the OP yes you have some serious problem. calm down.

you need help with anger yes. also you need to stop playing when angry. also you need to understand what you are doing wrong, and playing without headphones on will help a lot. seriously. having the other person’s voice turned off will help a lot. play with the attitude of trying to beat you at first, try to beat your mistakes and play better. and seriously go chill off of those endlesses with douchebags. just walk away, think about what you did wrong, and come back a few hours later and train the weaknesses out in sigle pllayer. then test yourself online. wash rinse repeat.
also you can check mah for newbies thread here and the stickied one by someone else/shameless plug.

also, ssblanka is pretty darn new. think before you insult if you wanna go somewhere with it. or don’t do it at all.

I know a lot of people like this. Really they say they aren’t mad they lost, but usually mad because of what they lost to. Like if they lose to a keep away or turtle tactic. I would say you should find the source of your anger, and then tackle this. I would say people get mad at this because they are eager to do something, such as get off a tactic or combo, but someone else is completely no allow it. I get mad about the same things from a different perspective. I get mad at people who don’t block and generally just keep mashing buttons as an answer to every situation. The most upset I got is when I tossed my joystick and kicked it. What I ended up doing was taking a chill pill. I took a break for about an hour, really thought about what went wrong and what I lost to, and thought of a counter strategy. When I played this person again, I totally dominated him.