Do I have to blow 200 for a good fight stick?


Is there a big difference between a fight stick that cost 60 and one that cost 150+?


You don’t need to buy a $200 stick, but I think you should spend more than $60.


What is a fight stick?



You want to blow 200 dudes…just to get a stick to fight things with?


Is this a good one?


Do you think they would charge that much if there wasn’t?

The biggest difference between an economy stick and a real arcade stick is that an arcade stick has real arcade parts in it. Once the micro switches in the buttons go bad, you will probably have to replace the entire button because the micro switches are built together. That was the case with my Quanba Q1. Cheap sticks are time consuming and expensive to repair. Real arcade parts can be repaired quickly and cheaply. They also often come with better PCBs that work on many more systems.

If you just want to test out an Arcade stick, I highly recommend the quanba Q1. It lends itself to being modded fairly easily, but the combined cost of getting a new PCB, new buttons, new joystick, and then the labor I invested making all the connections was over 200$.

You can also just get an expensive stick used.


No. Just look in the trading outlet for a good cheap arcade stick.


So the only difference is the cost of repair when they eventually break?

Can the Quanba stick be used on PS4? It says “PS3/PC”


Madcatz ps4 offerings are either too cheap (in the case of the stick you linked to) or too expensive for what they are (te+, te2+). Hori is offering better value this gen imo. Have a look at their hrap ps4 sticks.
Or be patient and wait for a good deal to come along on amazon.


Just grab an HRAP4 Kai imo if you want a good, cheap(er) arcade stick this gen. The HRAP4 Kai is around $150 minus tax and/or shipping, has good parts (definitely wayyyyy better than the Fightstick Alpha and Hori Fighting Mini 4), and the build isn’t shabby at all.


Eeeeeee. That is expensive. I just want to try out a fight stick. I don’t want to spend so much on one and end up not liking them.


Yes, because you’ll need to replace them with the buttons/joystick most higher end arcade sticks come with. Can’t remember if the quanba joystick had removable micro switches, but I kinda doubt it. I should also note that these parts won’t last as long as real arcade parts (usually)

It only works on ps3 and PC. In fact, I’m willing to wager it won’t work on the new windows 10 games, since that requires special input drivers. The reason why the Q1 works on ps3/PC is because neither of those systems have security codes designed to lock out 3rd party controllers.

As Sasquach recommended: the HRAP4 Kai has real arcade parts and a PCB that works on PS4. That’s probably the cheapest you can go as far as brand new sticks that aren’t economy class.


Well the neat thing is that, if you end up not liking the stick… chances are that you can EASILY sell it locally if you have a fighting game scene there, so it isn’t a big issue. But even then, transitioning to stick isn’t always an immediate one, so you’d have to give a stick some time before determining if you love it or not.


Thanks for all the help and recommendations


i would def go with the HRAP4 Kai. the build quality of the budget sticks as well as the size wont really give you a great experience if you are trying sticks for the 1st time. for $150 you get a awesome stick that you can start with and even mod in the future if you continue using. like sasquach was saying - even if you dont keep using it, its a easy sell for not much less than what you paid for.


The Qanba drone works for PS4. Im looking at that one just to try stick out.


lol, I read the title of this thread as “who do I have to blow for 200 good fight sticks”


blow? no. Invest? Maybe.


Quality and Reliability, and perhaps features.