Do I have to keep switching ports whenever I want to use my arcade stick?

Is it possible to simply leave the arcade stick in port 2 of my PS2 and play with it as Player 1? It’s annoying to constantly switch everytime I want to go from a fighting game to, say, an RPG or whatever. I can’t seem to find a way around it, but I want to make sure.

Not without some SERIOUS modding of your playstation. Why not leave the stick in port 2 and play your other games with a pad in port 1? Who plays their non-fighting games with a joystick anyway? (other than shooters)

That’s what I’m asking. If I leave the stick in Port 2, will I be able to play as Player 1 in fighters? Because everytime I want to play a non-fighter, I have to unplug the arcade stick and use my regular PS2 pad. I didn’t mean I want to use the stick with other games.

Learn to play 2p side.

That’s just blatant laziness…Get over it.

So basically what you’re saying is that you have no idea how to use an arcade stick on the 2 player side? If that’s the case, why are you playing fighting games to begin with? The whole point of using an arcade stick is learning to use it EFFECTIVELY. Key word there. That means learning to use it on both sides.

I’m sure there’s other things you do outside of games that you are effective in. Just have to apply the same thing to SF. Why you think all those people in the tournaments play on both sides like it’s second nature? You just have to teach yourself to become ambidexterous with the stick. Otherwise go back to your RPG’s…

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If he doesn’t know he has to change controler he shouldn’t be playing games at all.

People are becoming way too lazy these days. :confused:

Looking at his Xanga site, it looks like he spent some good cash on a Hori Real Arcade Pro…hopefully with this advice he’ll make some use of it.

Definatly. :bluu:

Heh, thanks for the responses. I’ve also had the pins in controller ports get loose on older systems because I used to take my controllers out everytime I turned the game off. I wanted to avoid messing with switching the controllers on my PS2 so that wouldn’t happen. I wasn’t sure if keeping the stick in port 2 would allow me to start all fighting games up normally because in other games you need to use Controller 1 to get past the menu screen.

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I understand your point about the controller ports. As far as I know, when I play SFAC on the xbox, it starts me on the left side in 1p mode, regardless of what port. dunno if that is standard for PS2 games though.

I think that only occurs when you play online. If you play offline (at least in arcade mode) you’ll be on 2 player side if your port is in the 2 player one. At least AFAIK.

Online, its like host is on 1player side, and guest is on 2p. I rarely host, so im more used to left side. actually, in 2p offline mode, it gets glitchy sometimes, switching players/sides, its really wierd, like one person will be controller 1, then the next time you pick a character, you are on p2? this was on my friends modded xbox though, maybe thats the case? anyway, its kinda irrelevant to this thread. =p

You could splice an extension cable and use a switch to choose between the stick and the pad. I believe the xbox is a 4 or 5 wire port so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Another possiblity is to use 2x xbox to usb cables, and 1 usb to xbox cable and a usb switcher. Never tried it but it could work

I’m back home and I tried it out. So it turns out you can start up the game when the arcade stick is in Port 2. That was my main concern; I didn’t want to keep switching ports and damage the pins inside by doing so. Thanks for the replies.