Do i need 2 connections?


i might be in a situation in the near future where real broadband will be available to me in other words i might be moving out of the woods lol. Anyway i have been calling different places to compare prices and services. i just called charter and they lady said that i should buy a separate connection if i wanted to game as it would add a lot of latency i fi used a router. As far as i know a router only adds a couple milli secs at most. Anyway is she truthful or just trying to get me to buy a more expensive package. Another question and this is directed to people that have verizon. One of their reps told me that the 1.5m/768k package is to slow for gaming. Is this true or false. Last question which is better for gaming cable or dsl?


step 1. don’t get charter if you’re a gamer
step 2. give that bitch the stairs for saying you need 2 broadband connections


raeli pretty much hit the nail on the head


Wouldnt believe a word she says.

Cable IMO. We’re finally getting 50MB cable connections over here, ADSL is still down to 8MB, just depends on the deal you can get for your cash really. If you want a bigger connection go Cable. Just remember nearly all ISP’s say “Up to Xmb”. Whether you get that is another story.

But yeah anyway, that bitch is telling you fibs. Your not going to experience a huge increase in lag by using a router. Fuck they just route information to whats connected to them.


if you’re in my area, charter is the only cable you can get.

i have at&t/sbc dsl and it works a ok in everything, lulz.


I wouldn’t have a clue about any ISP’s in the US. From the advice she gave I would definitely go with somebody else.


my choices would be as follows
verizon dsl
road runner

also i have read that the latency on cable is over twice as much as on dsl
I guess it really depends on how far you are from cable office. With dsl you obviously don’t need to worry about that because if you are more then a couple miles from the CO you ain’t gonna get it anyway.l


charter in St. Louis gets better pings than AT&T but it is slightly less reliable

basically you’ll have to shop around and ask people about the connections in your area; also 1.5mb/768 shouldn’t be too slow for gaming… the big deal is the delay between where your packets are going, not how fast your connection can pull them down cause online games use very little bandwidth

check it’s a catch-all review site for broadband providers

if you’re going to be doing any heavy downloading go with a provider that hasn’t implemented caps yet by the way. all of them are eventually so it’s a good idea to start hoarding now.


They recommend 2 connections because no cable company supports routers. With a full house of college students, my cable has no problem with anything but uncapped torrenting or updating. You shouldn’t need 2 connections ever unless you’re doing something crazy with your bandwidth.


do you mean that they don’t offer tech support for routers or they don’t allow them period? because if it’s the latter then you are sadly misinformed sir.