Do I need a hard drive to play SSF4?

Hi. I want to buy an XBOX360 to play SSF4. Do I need to buy a version with a hard drive or does the arcade console with its 256mb internal storage suffice? I’d like to play some arcade games as well, like Mega Man 9/10, Ikaruga and some other “small” but challenging arcade-type games(any suggestions?), but that’s it.

Besides that, out of curiousity, would not having a hard disk prevent me from playing some games altogether?


I’d go for one with a HDD, in the end that 256mb internal memory is going to be filled with system updates alone. Ikaruga for example is around 50mb in size, while Mega Man 9 is around 90mb. It quickly adds up.
Besides if you’re getting it to play SSFIV I would definitely want the HDD in order to install the game, just to get rid of the horrible noise it makes from constantly spinning that disc around.

I’m not positive but I think with the newest update you can use a flash drive. Sorry I havent tested it being that my xbox is broken.

no man you dont need one

the 256mb internal storage is totally fine for all games… if you want to install the game… then you need the hard drive.

you’ll need it to DL content i guess :slight_smile:

If u dun intend to fill it up, a arcade unit is fine, and as of now I think the games that require a harddrive can be counted on 1 hard. (i only remember FFXI was one of them)
However, the 256mb internal is pitifully little (and those harddrives are really overpriced, unless u buy a 3rd party/hacked one).

So i would strongly suggest u buy a flashdrive(4-16gb) solely for the xbox use.
U can use the flashdrive to store DLC, demos and stuff, and its also much cheaper than a xbox harddrive (or the defunct memory unit)
A 16gb one would be a very good substitute for a harddrive, and u can use up to 2 at once for 32gb of storage, or buy a harddrive at a later date if u really need one.

Oh i forgot, u can install the game to the flash drive (if its more 8G or more, due to the game taking up 4 plus gigs or so i think), which boosts the loading time to virtually none and save ur discs from spinning (and creating a hell lot of noise), so u will want to do this!