Do I need cable? (non AHVB related)


Since the end of January I’ve been working a crazy work schedule and i’ve only watched maybe 20 hours of Cable TV in the last 6 months. Anything i cared enough to catch was through some internet based means. Anyway i moved recently and i need to figure out if its even worth it to get cable here now, the problem is i can get it bundled with my internet so i need to figure it out soon because not having internet at home is killing me.

I’ve lived in a place with cable since 1990, so i would be kind of odd to just not have it, but if you go over someone else’s house and they don’t have cable is that weird? I think i can get by on downloads and streaming but i plan on having people over. I can’t even remember the last time i went to someones house where they didn’t have cable?


I stopped watching (cable)TV since a year.
It’s a blessing, it gives rest and I find myself (instead of just zapping watching nothing but crap) watching things that I want to watch, when I want on my laptop.
Other than that I have some DVDs and gamesystems.
If it’s weird, that’s up to you, but I don’t have friends over just to watch cable TV.
You can also watch you’re inet stuff on a TV with correct cables i believe.


Except for live events, almost everything that’s on cable can be downloaded or bought on home video. Cable is good for company (and really, the only reason I’d buy cable)… but if you’re on a budget, use a media streamer (like WDTV or 360/PS3) to stream whatever’s on your PC to the living room. That, as well as free over-the-air options in your area, should be good enough.


My laptop is in the living room with a HDMI hookup to my TV so all of the stuff i watch on my computer is on my TV even when browsing the internet, its more of a variety vs money thing. I still work almost 70hrs a week so its really not worth the extra $40-$80 bucks a month for me personally, its just weird for when people come over and theres nothing they want to watch.

The other issue is that theres 2 internet providers, one that can be bundled with cable and one that can’t but the one that can’t costs less, so this whole cable thing may decide which one i go with.


I’ve been living without cable for 3 years now and it is only really worth it if you like watching the news channels. Its a lot easier to keep with current events through TV. Other than that, it isn’t much of a loss except for a couple of shows.


I have lived an entire year without cable.

I fucking miss ESPN so much. Other than that, it’s meh. You can always use internet to watch the shows that you want to see.


Waking up early to watch sports highlights is the shit, but the best way to sum up cable would have to be “1000 channels and nothing to watch”, @OP so I’d advise just saving yourself some money and getting rid of cable completely…


I couldn’t live without tv. I have to have it on as background noise, plus I work from home. I actually grew up without cable since it doesn’t come down our road due to some stupid zoning, so I was like a crack addict the first time I got it haha.


This is me too, but it hasn’t really been a problem since i haven’t been home and i’ve been covering the time i’m home with series that i have on my computer. But i plan on having more time soon and i’m almost through all of the stuff i have.

I’m thinking about just getting Internet + Hulu Plus and filling in the gaps.


I haven’t had any type of TV braodcasting in my house in like 6 years and i don’t miss it much. Most shows on tv suck now anyway.

I get my news from the internet and MSNBC recorded segments uploaded onto the xbox360 dashboard.

I only pay 9$ a month for nexflix, so if your bored and want to watch a movie or tv series thats there for instant streaming.

And if theres a live sports event going on i just go to a friends house and enjoy it there, and thats rare.

So yeah. Fuck Cable.


Cable is going to run me $50 a month (not including fees or internet) and Hulu plus + NetFlix + Internet would also cost $50 a month. Right now the second seems like the better option.


I don’t even have a television in my room, everything’s connected to my computer monitor.

The only shows I watch are on the Discovery Channel, otherwise 98% of the stuff on television is pure trash anyway.

So I say don’t bother.


I’m happy with Hulu Plus, Netflix, and the Internet. I may opt for basic cable when the football season returns.


My ideal television and movie entertainment setup - DirecTV with bare bones channels+NFL Sunday Ticket+Sports Pack+HD, Blockbuster account, and Netflix. Covers live sports, movies, and anime in High Definition.


man i seriously just dont watch tv. I have no interest in any of the ‘reality’ shows, and no new sitcom has caught my interest in YEARS. Hell, last show I actually watched on TV was the Terminator show.

I just mostly play video games, and if I need to watch something on TV, you can just stream it lol.


only reason i have cable is for my kids, espn and nfl network.


I always tell people if you really want cable just get the Basic option. Thats what i got and it works for me. All i really need is ESPN, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, and the regular local channels. I got tons of DVD’s for movies.


Cable’s cool, On Demand yields much-a-crappy flick that seem to all be hilarious for the wrong reasons. It’s where I found 1000 convicts and a woman.


i think cable is needed depending on how much time you got. all my local sports teams are now on cable exclusively so i have to have it. plus i like to sit on the couch and watch tv while just flipping through the channels. i got a year of promotional premium cable and HBO, showtime and starz don’t seem worth it. encore was pretty good since they have a nice variety show past movies.


Haven’t had cable since I moved out on my own. Can’t complain too much. A few of my coworkers are in the same circumstance. The shows they care about are put up online at the network’s site, they just use their PS3 to watch it.

With Hulu coming to consoles, I can’t see too much of a reason to have it. It would cost me like $50 a month for cable, then I would still need internet. $30 for internet, $4 a month for live, $9 bucks each for Netflix and Hulu Plus. So in all actuality, I’m saving $30 by not having cable, more or less depending on if I bundled my internet through a cable provider.

The only thing I wish I had was news stations, and local affiliates for local news. But those cases are easily solved through Twitter - local paper, CNN, and all my network affiliates have twitter accounts, so I stay up on the local and world news. Beyond that, live sports. ESPN 3 is good for some things (thank God I have an Frontier for that), but when I want to see NFL/NHL live? Not so much.

Honestly, if there was a way other than hooking my computer up to my TV to stream from to my TV, I’d be stoked. Hate viewing the games I can find on live stream sites in a small window. Same with tournament streams. Can’t really go full screen on Linux, it gets choppier, effin flash…

Basically, my personal opinion though is that I’m perfectly happy with not having cable. My 360 and the internet has basically removed the need for it. Any time I have had friends over, they aren’t put off by the fact that I don’t have Cable, they can usually find something to watch on Netflix.