Do i need to hack a 360 pad first?


I can only get official 360 pads here.
I need to put it into my hrap2,
do i need to ‘hack’ the pad first ? any links?

cant search sorry *


Try first for a basic intro to pad hacking.


he doesnt really mention anything about hacking the pad,
unless hacking terminology is used to open up the pad and just soldering with the arcade parts.
I was under the impression that something on the pad needed to be modified in order for it to not fry.


What he mentions is all you need to know, you don’t need to hack the Gibson here to get it working…


If you can get your hands on the new Mad Catz, your life would become very simple.

I just did mine with the new mad cats/gamestop controller with common ground…took me 2 minutes to open the case and strip the board and 2 more minutes to solder on the wires. give and take, it’s a 5 minute job for someone who can solder well.

Good Luck.