Do I need to have a fireball character on my team?


I’m C+ at the moment and my team is juri and kazuya, but when i’ve been playing lately.
all I’ve been fighting are B ranks (even though i pick to fight the same rank) that always back up, then punish me for going to them.

Also does anyone know a good wake up move for these characters, because all the moves i’ve tried don’t work, i just get thrown or normal hit out of it, even juri’s ex pinwheel.

i wanna play this game and be good but i don’t wanna pick Ryu, Ken or Akuma, just because they’re good in even situation.


Juri kills fireballs with reaction divekick. And Kazuya vs Ryu’s fireball…um, MIST STEP wavedash,.


I’m talking full screen away here, u wouldn’t hit juri’s divekick unless you predict it, or they’ll have time to block, the same with ryu’s fireball.
Also this isn’t about how to fight fireballs it’s about how to get in on people backing up the whole time


Walking forward is pretty good.


Just jab, it does everything else is in this game.


Unfortunately Juri’s only useful reversal is EX pinwheel, which will net you back one meter and if you want to tag cancel thats 2 meters.

Have them meter gems on boyo, lol.

What you wanna do against turtle-ing is too be patient, either, make them get bored of what they are doing (which is probably the more common tactic) or if that doesnt happen, use it to your advantage and (especially with Juri) BUILD METER, use her counter, her Fuhajin, they all build meter and then catch them off guard and do the light counter to go towards them and punish.

If you are fighting Guile though…just try and get in, since the Sonic Boom speeds are so radically different it’s hard to judge what to do in some situations.


OK. Both Juri and Kaz suck on wake up, they can be thrown out of most of their specials. So just tech. As for them backing up, take the space and walk towards them, as dude has said already.


k thanks i’ll try this out


Walk forward and jump. IMO, the jump is the biggest fireball-killer in this game, its so good.


Does this imply that Juri isn’t a fireball character? If so, I know a few Zangief mains that would like a word with you. They don’t call her a zone for nothing.
Don’t forget that you have a parry. :qcb::lp: and get right past the fireball and you can prob land a strong kick into a combo to punish. Don’t try that shit on a sonic boom though or yoga fire, you’ll get flash kicked and yoga sniped for free all damn day.


lp yoga fire if one of the slowest to recover fireballs in the game. Anything will work against that. The other’s don’t travel.


I’m mostly just saying that you should never parry it bc of the fact that dhalsim players cover it with a normal most of the time. There’s a ton of other options you should use first.


It’s only unsafe to use Juri’s counter on a LP fire when you’re about full screen away. From about 2/3 screen away and definitely 1/2 screen away she’ll recover before he does. I wouldn’t even use LP yoga fire in this game because everyone’s got fast jumps, you can even jump to punish on reaction. Pretty sure it’s even worse than Ken’s fireballs.


No you don’t need to have that.


If you want a good team then you’re going to have to pick a character whose name starts with “R” and ends with “yu”


At your level you need to focus on gaining an in depth understanding of the game’s systems and mechanics before anything else. You also need to educate yourself on the properties and frame data of every move your characters have. With this information, you won’t need to make posts like this.

Here you will find a complete reference for Juri’s frame data and a brief description of any notable properties on her moveset.

And for Kazuya.

If you wish to be competitive in a fighting game, it is absolutely vital you are fully aware of when have an advantage of any kind and when you do not, what your options are at any given game state, and all possible/likely results of any action you take.

Once you understand the how’s and why’s of everything concerning your characters and the game, I would recommend watching replays of superior players using your characters to draw ideas for attack strings, mix-ups, combos, and tactics. You must be careful with where you take your examples from, mind you. Don’t try to simply plagiarize another player’s gameplay. Practice and find out what is truly effective for yourself, and critically examine the play of others whom you intend to emulate.

To advise on your issue with being zoned out, you must be more patient than your opponent. Patience and self control are huge factors in any fighting game. Do not play into your opponent’s hand. Look for openings and capitalize on them. Street Fighter is about reading your opponent’s state of mind and capitalizing on their tendencies. When you allow yourself to become impatient and start taking unnecessary risks, you will lose. Play YOUR game, not that of your opponent.

As far as your options on wake-up, be mindful some of the advice in this thread was intended as some sort of bad joke. I believe I saw someone recommend you use jabs. Never do this; you are begging to be meatied into a full combo. In most wake-up situations, your options are to use an invincible reversal, backdash, roll, simply block, or crouch-tech.


Much to my dismay, jumping like a retard beats zoning in this game.


My dhalsim destroys jumping retards with zoning. If you add a tatsu to that jump however… :frowning:


If you want, you can try to learn Ogre. He is also the best projectile destroyer.


Rin Xiaoyu?