Do I need to learn all the fighting game lingo and frames in order to be top tier competitive?

Do I need to learn all the fighting game lingo and frames?
Is just having a natural feel for the character enough?

I am maining Laura btw.

Competitive enough to win some matches on-line? No.

But to play at a tournament level or get really good. It’d be wise to. Kinda hard for others to teach you when you don’t understand the terminology we use to explain things. But if you ask questions on how to do this, or how to counter this, etc. You will naturally come across fighting game jargan. When you hear a term you don’t understand simply ask what that means. Then slowly you’ll pick up on the lingo and terms. Also Luara is one of the more technical characters in the game. So you definitely will have to learn some fighting game lingo when learning her.

No, not at all, however it’s easier to communicate with other people. And you can gather knowledge much faster when you know what everyone is talking about.
Frame data is good because you can just look at different moves and know what works and doesn’t. Instead you can try it out in training yourself but this takes a bit longer. Frame data is for making things easy to understand in a short while without having to actually touch the game.

Small example, based on frame data a move is -5 on block, which means you have to use attacks that are 5 frames or faster on startup to punish, now the range is also important. I know my standing lightpunch and crouching lightpunch(3 frames) are not in range, my crouching mediumpunch(5 frames) is also out of range. So last option i have is my Critical Art, which is 5 frames.

I didn’t even have to test anything in the game to know what options i had. So you can use this also to create tight pressure strings, possible combos just by looking at the data.

Anyway, just use the different options in training and you can figure out all her combos, setups, what buttons are good for anti airing or to press during neutral, how to punish certain attacks, how to stop people from mashing crouching light attacks during your offense etc etc

Anyway look at the laura forums, you cans ee they even explained their notations(don’t know why they use numpad notation, but it’s still easy to understand)
[Laura forums](Laura Combo/Tech Thread

**5LK, 5LP xx L Bolt **

The above combo means:
standing light kick, standing light punch cancelled into the light bolt special

,= a link
xx = a cancel
(a link is when you do a move, and let it recover and then combo into another attack)
(a cancel is when you cancel the recovery of a move into another attack, usually you input one atack vry fast after a another. 5LP xx L Bolt is on smooth motion)

For the name sof the moves look at the command list or here

Having said all this, just look at the command list try out her moves and you don’t ever have to look at the framedata or anyone elses combos, setups and whatnot, ou can find it all yourself by just experimenting.

If you want to get good fast, evenhough there is no shortcut for practice, you would be a fool to not use the information at hand. Thus, learning the lingo(really easy) is really helpfull. Frame data isn’t that important, it’s just ease of use.

Big Thanks guys! I’m going to learn the frames and lingo. Just got a FC4and I’m gonna be putting in major practice.