Do I use "Turbo"?

Hallo you people.
I hope my thread is in the right place…

Well… I have this issue going on.

I won over this guy 2 times, and then he sent me a message like saying "Good to know that you are a Turbo abusing scrub"
I answered him saying I don’t use Turbo (as I really don’t use Turbo) and told him to prove it ( lol ), and then he answered like this: “If you want that proof in youtube give me about 15 minutes and I’ll send you a link. Ever heard of input display in replay? Fucking fraud.”

So, he didn’t post on youtube, but sent me these screens:

So… here is my question…
Do I use Turbo???
What in these inputs tell anyone that I use Turbo???

Edit: Videos
Well… First, he came with Sakura:

he lost, and came again, with Balrog:

Pretty sure that all this proves is that you hit lp a bajillion times in a row.

Are you mashing or are you actually holding down the buttons?

Judging by the way you play, you probably mash! Haha

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thats turbo

very subtle way of bragging about being #1 lol


turn off your turbo alexleather. i’ll report.

report for what? Turbo isn’t banned in online play rofl.

I don’t use turbo, but blaming turbo for a loss is a cop out.

Doesn’t look like it.
Looks like you just mash a bit.
Know what they say, If it works, keep doing it, just expect a lot of ragemail from players who think they’re good but couldn’t footsie their way out of an empty dance floor if their lives depended on it…

First post edited - added the matches / youtube links

@ schisch / maximamult : Come on guys, I really don’t use turbo.

Man, if I really wanted to show off, I would fill youtube with videos in HD, because there I can get MUCH MORE public than here - every language, every country - Believe,´me ! :wink:

Yeah! I never payed attention to it lol… Watching my replays now with input display I can see it and I know why I do it - to be sure that the move will come out! hahahah

i play on xbox 360 pad and i would laugh if someone tried to accuse me of using turbo lol

Its turbo inputs but he sent images and not the video. Go check your replay and see if it matches up. With photoshop, anybody can be sent to jail these days…

Holy fuck you press a lot of buttons. Either that or you have turbo.

Hmm that really does look like Turbo lol

Mash until it works ! (or until it´s dead)

Someone accused me for using turbo, too.
Everytime I’m trying to go for the untechable knockdown after lk.tatsu, I tend to mash the This looks the same.
I’m playing on a logitech gamepad that has no turbo function at all.
My advice. Don’t waste any more thought on this and simply play on. :slight_smile:

looks like turbo setting 2 to me.

you know the first has the obvious inputs, and the second one has the slightly slower ones

Yeah, I think you are right!
No matter what one says, there will always be those who will say “You use turbo.”

I made the question/thread, because I never saw what inputs from turbo look like.
That’s why the question “What in these inputs tell anyone that I use turbo?”. and this is what I wanted to know.

And to those who said above that I use/or those who think that I use, if I used, you can be sure I woul never open this thread and upload the two videos. :slight_smile:

yep, clearly turbo. i have informed the authority’s and they are on there way. enjoy your life in prison OP

With a screenshot, there’s no way to tell. Those inputs might as well been the whole round for all we know.

Chances are, you’re probably using turbo. If you weren’t using turbo, there’s no need for you to post and get affirmation that you didn’t. What I think you’re doing is trying to find out “How easy is it for someone be able to tell if I’m using turbo?”. That way you can adjust and not get caught as easy in the future.

Just my 2.

You can’t understand if someone is using turbo from screen shots only from a video.

You can easily have these kind of inputs with mashing. If you see turbo in a video the 5 punch inputs come out in half a second whereas the same inputs without turbo come out in 1.5 second with masing. 1.5 second is enough to buffer electricity from other moves - like hop, lp roll jhk, etc. Scrubs will think you are using turbo since when buffered the elec comes out immediately after the move you buffered from ends.

edit oh i saw your video. It’s mashing even tho your hands must hurt at night

here is a turbo video to see how it looks like