Do Ingrid, Yun, Maki and Eagle have storylines in PSP Alpha 3?

This is about the story, not the actual gameplay which is why its in this forum.

Anyone got the game yet?

I am looking for conversations before and after battles and also their ending.

If you can’t type it out word for word, just give me a summary of what happens.


They have storylines and they have endings, but the people I’ve talked to or seen posted about it so far can’t read Japanese. Maki’s ending has Guy showing up and Y&Y’s has Fei Long and all of them blow up Bison, etc, but none of the dialogue can be read and only so much can be gleemed from the sprite comics and pics of Bison blowing up.

I believe the mid-boss battles are the same as the GBA’s (of which the only ones I really remember are that Yun fights Evil Ryu which is wierd and Maki fights Sakura), but again, don’t have any dialogue yet due to not being able to read Japanese (although I know from screenshots that dialogue is indeed there). Of course, I’m very interested in this too, but alas, I have no PSP :frowning:

dialouge guide has text for the new characters (not ingrid though)

I just got it. Ingrid has a new bio that’s been translated. I’ll post any stuff regarding this on the Warrior’s Fate Thread in the Fan Fiction forum. But yeah, all the new stories have been translated.

If you go to wikipedia and look for Ingrid on Street Fighter, it elaborates on her storyline. She is said to have a stronger psycho power than Rose and M.Bison. She is also said to know Rose and Ryu by name though prior to meeting them. And it’s speculated she’s a time traveller.

Ingrid’s entry in Wikipedia is wrong. She time travels to 201X, not 210X. So no, Ryu does not live to be 100+ years old. Good old Wikipedia. :rofl:

Or at least, there still isn’t any confirmation that he’ll live that long. :slight_smile:

It’s not like Capcom is really good at killing people beyond a shadow of a doubt anyways. Hey, Inafune, is Megaman dead by the time of MMX? “I’d rather not say.” :rofl:

BTW, Okami is female and a Sun Goddess too. Might Okami be… INGRID’S TRUE FORM! (sano has just been killed with a bullet of righteous justice while someone yelled “DIE EVIL FIEND!” :sweat:)

ooh 1 typo, let’s forever damn them!

If it was just a typo that’s one thing, but then the author eludes to Ryu living as long as Oro does being more than 100 years old. That’s the mistake there.

From Wikipedia:

“Also, there is a possibility that Ingrid can travel through time, as she mentions heading to the year 210X and seeing that Ryu has somehow become a reclusive monk, implying that after Oro passed his knowledge to Ryu, he somehow grew as old as Oro did.”

You see, because the author confused the year 201X with the year 210X he leaped into a conclusion that Ryu managed to live as long as Oro did in this scenario which is not the case. So yes, typos can be dangerous especially when you are making implications as such.

And Wikipedia is wrong lots of times. Read up on Death being in love with Thanos only in Wikipedia when any Marvel fan will tell you that Death has never been in love with Thanos, how that bit of information managed to get in Wikipedia is beyond me. I’m not even going to go into the entire KOF/Lantis’ KOF Faq/Wikipedia ordeal.

Wikipedia is made by user submissions. Users tend to be human beings. Human beings tend to be wrong every so often. So Wikipedia being wrong sometimes shouldn’t surprise anyone, really.

Given my pessimistic opinion of humanity in general, I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t devolved into a cesspool of extreme stupidity for the most part, at least.

I suppose… but seeing as how easy it is to see Ingrid’s ending in SFA3 Max in Final Battle Mode I would assume one would check something like that out further if they are going to leap to a big conclusion like Ryu living that long. Or just in general check things over a few times since they are posting her bio up at Wikipedia… Meh, I suppose I make mistakes lots of times, like posting on this thread today most likely… :sweat:

I’m surprised another user hasn’t overridden the typo, yet.

Yeah I just fixed it and wrote down my reasons why. Hopefully it will stand. Changed the year to 201X and put a period after “become a reclusive monk.” Didn’t know Wikipedia edits were that easy. Providing my edit stands of course.

I’m surprised nobody tampers with the information. “WIKI HATERS” anyway, is Ingrid a vital part of the story now? Or just an extra add-in?

I’m going to answer this the same way the people behind Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Paranoia Agent, Cowboy Bebop(about weither or not a certain someone is dead) and a bunch of other Animes answer questions like this.

“What do you think?”

“That’s for the viewer(gamer) to decide.”

And I leave the rest to TiamatRoar… :sweat:

Yeah, I think Ingrid is part of it now. Just as the Final Fighters are who appeared throughout the alpha series.

But she kinda freaks me out…:rofl:

I seriously think she should be a part of the Rival Schools cast just like Sakura/Karin are

Continuing wiv storylines…Oh yeah…isn’t Eagle supposed to be gay?

Yes Eagle’s Gay.

Quicky note: Yall prolly know this already but just to point out that Final Fight was always part of the SF Universe. Breaking cars, the same animation of people getting burned, the entire Haggar/Zangief rivalry, all was a part of the same universe before the SFZ(Alpha) series came along. Ditto for Slam Masters.

Yeah, Sota confirmed that Ingrid is a SF character now, that they can make an action figure of her (not that they will of course). Unlike the SF EX characters that are owned by Arika. That being said, I’m not sure how much of her SFA3 Max storyline happened if at all, at this point it’s very hard to get a confirmation from Capcom on that… I “suppose” her being an SF character means she was there in some shape/size/form. Then again, I doubt Yun was actually there… Remember, not everyone’s storyline in SFA3 actually happens. I dunno… she’s supposed to take away Vega’s(cape) Psycho Power yet he still has it in SF2 (albeit not as strong). She takes away that big statue in the Thailand stage and that is still in SF2. Maybe she popped in, had a few fights, saw Vega(cape) was defeated and time traveled to 201X. Who knows… someone please ask Capcom at E3…