Do ISOs mess up your ps2?



sorry shoulda put this in tech talk. mod plz move.


yes they do. always. your ps2 will explode if you play isos.

stop bootlegging shit and support the maker.


don’t assume shit.


Do you mean by burning the image on a disc then play it on a PS2? if so, then no, it doesnt mess up your PS2


yup that’s what I mean. Thanks! I was at a friends house and he was playing a burned copy of black, and it was making so much noise. Sounded like his ps2 was working over time. Thought since it was an ISO it may wear out the lens faster or sumthin.


I am led to believe that it is more about the hardware quality than it is about using ISOs. First gen PS2’s (Ver.1) suck ass. I think I read that the best version is ver. 5.

Are you using a regular PS2 or a PSTwo Slim?


It was a slim and i’m sure it’s fairly new. I think it might have been that specific game. Black looks really good and prob has a grip of shit to load up. I usually just play fighters, so I wasn’t use to it making so much noise.


PS2s have a hard time reading burned games, that’s why I have everything on my hard drive!


They sure do, I got a copy of GG slash just to test it out. I could only play for about 10 minutes before my damn system reset! Thats why I just buy the game if I really want it. No hard drive for me.


Don’t use cheap DVD-R’s.


dont know what ps2 you have but mines is a slim 75001 somethin and i used swapmagic 2.0 to boot all my dvds and the work just fine i use samsung dvds:wgrin:

i got slash and many copy games and none reset my system, then again the pstwo is like 2 weeks old.:wink:


if you use a good media and a slow burn, then it won’t hurt it anymore than reading a normal game.


thanks peoples :tup:


Where are you getting this from? If you use good discs, it’s no different from the original game. An iso is just that: an exact copy.