Do macros make a difference?


Ok by macros i mean like 3 punch and 3 kick. I play marvel vs capcom on ggpo, and theres this scrub that keeps impying it takes way more skill to use stick then a pad with macros. The thing is i also have a stick, and found it very easy to do things llike war machines infinite while manually pressing 3 punch on stick, because its not hard a t all. So i want to know whats your opinion on macros? I thinkt hey make a small difference, but not much and would only matter if your using a character like magneto, or shadow lady.


Ok first off I never seen you WM inf on stick, and 2nd of all most marvel players will say macros make a difference cause they know whats up, ppl that play like 3rd strike probably don’t even care and they probably don’t even know what macros are.
Not talking shit about 3s players just saying but, thing is you lie cause i never seen you wm inf or wolvie inf just red venom inf that doesn’t even involve 3punch or 3kick so with that shit said your done and gg.


I can do warmachines lp hp and manual hp infinite on stick with NO PRACTICE at all. you also learned war machines infinite in 2 hours practicing? Yet you act like its hard. Im not biased i have pad AND stick, and its clear that stick isnt that much ahrder then using a pad. You act like its an amazing accomplishment to press 3 punch buttons that are in perfect order? Like i said a bunch of scrubs can infinite on stick, and they arent even good players. using stick doesnt make you a betetr player then anyone period.


first off, no1 on ggpo uses stick, 2nd of all i never seen you infinite so keep trying to make up a better lie it won’t work, 3rd your hating cause you can’t inf on stick and you know this. So there for you say macros don’t make a difference. Oh and keep posting the link of this on ggpo, it wont save you might think it will because more then half of ggpo uses macros so go ahead. Real players recognize real players simple as that. Also i used pad before stick and i will tell you and everybody else on this macros do make a difference. Using macros don’t make you a better player at all.


Your fucking stupid, i did wms hp inf right infront of you. People on ggpo do use stick, fireo he can infinite, agito, liquid metal x. Thats just off the top of my head. Im hating stick, but your forgetting i beat you in a ft10 on stick, and i can do combos you never could do in your life on pad. So how would infinite on stick be hard to me, when you fail at the simplest shit and almsot everything i do is advanced.


Some 1 should just close this thread and show them how to pm each other instead of making a pointless thread…


Its not a pointles thread, im asking for ggpos opinion. I didnt want to argue witht his noob but he showed up.


lmao @ fireo he don’t use stick t kimura told me. only person that does is liquid metal and madhater and joker? out of like 300 scrubby macros users like yourself. you never showed me shit in front of me yo. You honestly failed at stick and havent been using stick for like what 4 months now so obviously if you mastered it why don’t you use it? You got got a stick like not even a year ago too but you don’t even use it and you still think your hot shit. guy is :looney: looney like looney tunes st8 up dumbass.


Yes, a lot of people on GGPO use sticks. A lot of Marvel 1 players specifically do seem to play on keyboard or pad with macros, which is considered pretty lame in the actual community / tourney scenes.

Theres GGPO boards for Marvel 1 drama, but I thought this stuff was all done getting hashed out. Didn’t you guys ever see any of the MagMan/T-Kimura/Everyone else in marvel drama from before GGPO even came out and people were still using Kaillera?


lck plz. Semi-interesting thread, shitty 1st 4 posts


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Yeah your post is much better then ours. Nice contribuition.


most wm infs are ez on stick (other than glove inf). wolvie inf is really possible w/o assistance but i doubt most online players that do it online could do it w/o the macros anyway. so yeah, using macros can give a real big advantage by taking away a lot of the execution barrier in mvc.


Mag ended the mvc1 drama which was" new school players cannot defeat the great legendary old school players" video: [media=youtube]kDUQ7f8HpHU[/media]
T-Kimura got silenced/banned for trolling and or boosting his ego i beleive, since then non of us have seen a peep out of him related to mvsc1.


well i told you so cow:arazz: this is a serious question tho, because most players on ggpo are over rated because of macros. but the point of this thread is to listen to ppl’s thoughts and maybe change ppl’s thoughts on this subject.


fuck macros…play legit…or dont play at all.


Anyone that plays on both pad and stick, agrees that macros are a SMALL ass advantage. its really that hard to press 3 button consistently on stick? no its not.i could play mvc exactly like i do with macros if i learned wolverines infinite plain and simple. and heis inf only takes a smalla mount of rpactice to learn, as proven by garbage players being able to do it on stick.half these people posting like cutwest, he knows nothing about mvc and a standard ifnintie is probably hard for him. Like i said, as soon as i get my adapter working i will learn wolv and wm inf in1 day, proving stick is a joke and not hard to use.

edit. mind game even if im overrated because of macros, your forgetting my best character by far is red venom who uses no macros. your also forgetting it took you2 hours of practice to learn wm ifninite on stick. you really disgust me witht his bullshit, according to you your better then me because you dont use macros? NO TOP PLAYER is overrated because of macros, every single one could learn stick faster and better then you.


good shit on accusing yourself for being over rated cause of macros, at least you know your one of those people. Your not so dumb after all or are you?


3-punch buttons are not macros and are even tourney legal.

1 button raging demon, now that’s a macro.


Wolvie inf could be done way faster on pad then on stick. On stick is that you gotta cancel with down the then manual 3p punch every time and fingers might loosin up and not hit all at the same time.
Cow you think you can do the wolvie mp 3p mash inf on stick the way you do it on pad ?
Shoulda be way more harder doing that and to take more time to learn.