Do most 1 Frame Links really require 1 frame timing?


I understand that a 1 frame link requires the timing of two normals to be within 1/60 of a second.
However, people say that Abel’s F.MK > Cl.HP is a 1 frame link, and I find it hard to believe that I can consistently pull off a timing within 1/60th of a second. Many of Fei’s links also are referred to as 1 frame, but I can pull these off without much trouble.

So are these links really 1 frame? Or is the term “1 Frame Link” an expression for a difficult link, as opposed to a rel 1 link frame? Or am I just THAT uberly awesome?



Well yes it does require 1 frame split second timing, But its just much easier because Abels F.MK cancels to dash and you can pretty much easily hit S.HP with muscle memory. Its all depend on the links, I can hit Abels M.FK Easy, but I can’t do Akumas’ s.lp to far (Talking about Vanilla) because s.lp has way too little recovery time.


I don’t know about those Fei links you’re talking about, but I do know that if you hit Abel’s f. MK from max range, it will hit on a later active frame, thus making you recover faster and giving you more frame advantage. That makes the cl. HP a lot easier to hit, 'cause it’s no 1 frame link anymore.


there seems to be an input buffer in ssf4 because certain links are noticeably easier than they were in sf4 and the frame data hasnt changed as far as i know

dictator low shorts, ryu f+fierce, low fierce for example


About the Fei links, people seem to complain that many of his most valuable links are 1 frame, but maybe the ones I’m doing aren’t actually them! I don’t know.
Another example I can think of is Gief’s cr.LKs. Some people say these are 1 frame, but they don’t feel THAT hard. The ones that really feel like 1 frame are Akuma’s roundhouse loops, which I can never pull off.

I guess I am biased though, seeing as I’ve had a year to get used to Abel’s links. But still, 1/60th of a second! That’s ridiculous if you just think about it.


well, plinking makes it 1/30 seconds instead.

which is a pretty big deal


Like I said, Abel’s f. MK > cl. HP isn’t a one frame link most of the times. As for Akuma’s roundhouse loop, that has gotten even more difficult than a one frame link; the jab now has to hit in a later active frame, and even then it’s only a one frame link.
Can’t say anything about all the other 1 frame links though.


Links are a tricky beast for those that have never tried them before. I might have misunderstood your but from what i read you might be a lil confused on what a link is

The first video in TBirds series (Stickied in this sub forum) explains combos very clearly and thoroughly. Even if you think you know combos back and foreward you may wanna give 9 min. of your time to see it, you will probably pick something up you didnt know. [media=youtube]Qa4GJQFYM1s[/media]

heres the thread with all the videos, i highly recomend them. Not only are they informative and well made, but tbirds accent is fukin rad (just me?)

&& about plinking, what it does is trick the game into thinking that you input a command twice, one frame next to the other, instead of once. the way this works is by pressing the button you want to double up on and then pressing a button of inferior priority.

The first example that comes to my head is balrogs crouching jab jab strong. so the way it will look on the input data screen of the training room is you will see the crouching jab, then another, then if you are plinking correctly, you should see the crouching strong immediately followed by crouching jab and strong at the same time. this puts two crouching strong inputs right next to each other (1 frame and the following frame).

If you know how to double tap your right hand motion will be similar except instead of hitting the same button twice, you will first hit the button you want followed by the second button, ussually the one next to it on the left.


Just to be completely honest with you, most tournament matches have dropped links in them. You need links but you don’t need to be perfect.



when i first started playing sf4 i didnt come from any serious fighting game background and just wanted to learn the best combos. but lacking in fundamentals is a huge problem in my game that im trying to adress now. start at the begining. learn good footsies, learn to control your character. learn the atributes (hitbox, stun, damage, safe on block? on hit? startup?) of all your characters normals, specials, super and ultras.

Having a complicated, flashy combo in your toolbox means nuffin if you are incapable of getting in on your opponent and being able to land it er set it up in the first place.


Oh no Mufasa, I do understand what links are, but I was just wondering whether 1 frame link is sometimes only meant as an expression, instead of a real 1 frame link which requires 1/60th of a second timing. It just baffles me that people (me included) can pull off timing within 1/60th of a second quite consistently. But I do appreciate the effort.

Edit: And I also know what plinks are, though I haven’t really introduced them to my game yet as they’re quite awkward to do on a pad. So I’ll concentrate on that when I get a stick. Thanks very much for the information though, I’m sure an actual newcomer will find it helpful.

Double Edit: My god you’re right, his voice is sexy!


If you need to hit a certain 1 frame linke very time you start to learn the timing of it. Sure it’s only 1 frame but, it’s not like it’s a random 1 frame. It’s always the same frame window you’re trying to hit.

That coupled with plinking it’s entirely possible to hit 1 frame links quite often.