Do NOT Buy the SFIV Fightstick Collector's Edition


Yes, I would like to sort of get a nationwide boycott going on this sorry excuse for a fighting stick. I was an idiot, and didn’t pre-order my stick so I ended up dropping $160.00 (twice the MSRP) for the X360 version of the fightstick by Madcatz. I also dropped another $50.00 to get some Sanwa parts (in anticipation of the fightstick being a piece of flaming sh*t).

The point of this post is that I got the fightstick, and the Sanwa parts aren’t scheduled until next week. Now, the stick actually works better than expected. I was pulling off some hardcore Daigo-esque moves on XBL in no time. However, after just a day of use (not rough use), the stick no longer reads down-forward and down-backward directions consistently. This is a huge problem because I can no longer block all the leg sweeping nooblets on XBL and QCF attacks are damn near impossible to do (yeah, playing as Ryu and not being able to Hadouken puts a huge dent in my zoning capabilities).

Now, maybe it’s just my fightstick and I got a bad one. But if you are planning on getting a fightstick and you’re not planning on upgrading it with custom Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, I would strongly recommend you reconsider. This stick is NOT Chuck Norris approved. Hell, this stick isn’t even Jackie Chan approved. If you’re looking for a good stick, look elsewhere (tournament edition) or just deck it out with your Japanese parts of choice.

So until my Sanwa parts come in (which could be forever because Lizard Lick Amusements is backed up like crazy), I’m pretty much stuck with insanely bad gamer rage or just using the Sh*tbox 3-Breakme’s controller…which would also probably cause insanely bad gamer rage.

p.s. I know I’m new here so you may not choose to trust my opinion, but if the thing breaks on you, you’ll wish you did. XD

-Contrapositiv3 a.k.a. Cp0S

XBL Gamertag: II The I End II


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this is already a well-known problem.

check a few of the 20285850483 threads in tech section about madcatz sticks for more info. basically a metal washer in the stick is damaging part of the pcb when moving it in certain directions. dunno what madcatz plans to do about it.




this is a well known problem next time plz search tech talk