Do not buy USB Saturn controllers

I bought one of these controllers about a month ago, and the D pad just snapped off. There’s a ton of them on Ebay from China going for about $25.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

Don’t be ripped off.

China/ Hong Kong- Mad Knockoffs. Gotta be careful on ebay with those. I usually never buy stuff overseas.

wait what? take the pcb out and put it into a stick then…

what if the person prefers the dpad and not a joystick? the saturn controller has the best dpad. Period. :pray:

snapped the dpad? take some pics, sounds interesting.

I managed to break a Directional Pad of an official Sega Saturn joy pad.

i broke my off also after a month, i have sent it back and waitinf for a new
but for the money ive spent so far its close to a mad catz fightpad… wich is trash also
but i could just go to a local store and get a new one… every week lol

I just bought this:

Logitech is a good company, and the Dual Action Pad ($20) I got from them lasted about 3 years. I would get a stick, I really would, but I don’t have the cash for it.

by most accounts the knock off USB pads are pretty good quality. Maybe you were just unlucky.

Both logitech precision pads I had for PC broke within 2 months. I treated them well too.

Saitek controllers last a REALLY long time from my experience. And they have the arcade layout + triggers as well.

Yeah, we have an official thread dedicated to the USB knockoffs. Also you can replace parts with real Saturn pad parts if needed.

man, i’m not asian enough. :frowning: