Do not play this guy


His name is “mamadu” on PSN. I was debating on which character to choose at the select screen, Ken or Fei Long… he gets on the mic and shouts “OMG PICK YOUR CHARACTER ***”. So I’m like uh, excuse me? Ok… and I pick Ken. He chooses Sakura. Note, this kid has a lisp and he sounds like he’s no older than 16-17. Next thing I know, he cranks up some kind of music (I think it was Techno?) into the mic. I had to set my controller down and turn off my headset. By that time, he had my health half down, and now, his voice was coming through my very loud TV set (d’oh!). I came back won the first round barely lol. His girlfriend gets on the mic and starts saying I’m a “little nerdy ******”. Then I beat him again the second round. The whole time, I heard him mashing hard on his arcade stick in the background too. When I won he yelled “OMG WTF ***!”. Wow… So I left thinking it was the end. NOPE! He invites me into a private chat, that I accidentally accepted. I turned my headset on, and tried to talk nicely (part 1)


Anyways, I tried to be nice to this guy. And anyone who’s played me on here knows I’m a nice guy. ANYWAYS… He gets on his mic, and goes beserk… name calling, etc. Then he threatens to find and kill me. Shouting and yelling in his mic. I’m like wow, chill. Then, he went on a tangent about SRK, for some reason. (I never brought it up, lol). He’s like “I bet you post on, and I bet you’re one of those fat nerdy kids who lives on Street Fighter all day long!”. My reply? “No, I don’t know that website, and uhm… I’m anything BUT fat… and I suck at Street Fighter”. He went off on a random tangent about some guy (forgot who, but he said it was a moderator) and how he was ‘unfairly banned’ from this site. I have no idea who this guy is, but it definately made me LOL. Anyways, figured I’d pass this on. Again his PSN was ‘mamadu’. Kid’s got some issues. lol.


Sounds like a good time had by all.


LOL, you have no idea bro… man, I wish I woulda had my capture card turned on, it was pretty halarious watching a noob like me come back and win that first round!


Just disable chat – then playing online won’t completely make you feel like humanity is worthless.


Sounds like easy BPs to me.


i think pressing select mutes the other person


I played that little fucker earlier tonight. At first I was just delighted that someone else had a headset. I remembered very quickly that it’s not always a good thing to talk to neck beards online.

He picked Sagat, and I went with Blanka. Even before the round started he was babbling hateful bullshit, so I took off the ear piece and got down to business. I whupped him pretty hard both rounds, got my points, and continued playing arcade. He sent me a PM absolutely full of the worst kind of internet retard hate. My first hate mail on Street Fighter IV!

I blocked him, so that’s that. Either way, I second the OP. Fuck this dude.


people are funny online because they can hide behind their computer screen




Yeah I haven’t had that much of an issue with people with headsets, some dude flipped out when he did a standing fierce with ryu and i raped him with Gyro Driver Smash; “OMFG HE DIDN’T JUMP WHAT THE F***” then I heard a crashing sound in the background…I giggled. (yes a manly giggle)


Holy crap it’s Morphaze. :]

  • vVv Zeppelin.


Umm…When the game first came out. Some guy challeneged me and I chose Balrog (boxer). He scoffed and said, “you think you can beat me with balrog? i’ll smash you.”

I fucked his shit up and he ended up trying to add me as a friend. Weird…

At any rate, I think this post would have done a lot better in the “SFIV bad games thread”. No need to clutter this place!


I wanna play this guy just to hear him rail…


The new ober fuhrer??


Wow, talk about a big ass lie. My friend just showed this to me. I didn’t read vvv_morphaze’s entire bullshit post, but my being banned from this forum? What a bunch of shit. Other than my friend sending me this link, I’ve only recently heard of the shoryuken website. Guess who informed me of such a website? vvv_morphaze himself! After I beat him, he told me that he was very popular on these boards, and that he posted on the forums that he beat me. blah blah blah.

Here’s the story for those of you who aren’t friggin’ biased. If I remember correctly, while we played, I said “stop playing like a faggot” to which he then later sent me a message. Mr. Nice guy wasn’t so “nice”. I sent him some messages too. I can take pictures of all the messages exchanged and post them here as soon as I figure out how to post pictures. I’d appreciate it if someone gave me simple guidelines, or I guess I could google it.

Anyway, bottom line is that he is the biggest lying little bastard in the world. Google his name and the other posts that he makes, it’s outrageous.

And on a side note, can’t a moderator check if I was really banned or something like that?


I like where this thread is going.


Well, here they are. And yes, I did send him a chat invite so he would play me again. Notice how he dodges me in one of the messages? Notice how in one of the pictures, it’s clear he says you “barely beat me”. Anyway, have a look for yourself. Oh, and the techno part of your post? Fuckin’ hilarious asshole.


Oh wow, another liar. G-Boobie, I never even play Sagat, but since you made up that garbage, let’s play. You pick Blanka and I’ll pick Sagat.

I’m not the nicest player out there but this is fucking ridiculous.



Oh my god. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Holy shit I had no idea PSN messages could be that long.
Though I do agree, Niger is pathetic.
I mean for god’s sake, it’s one of the poorest and most medieval countries in the known world.
Maybe if you were not getting raped by the Sahara all of the time, you would be able to manufacture a larger catalogue of more lucrative exports than uranium ore, which is shat on by other exporters such as Canada and Australia.
Shit, don’t Russia even have a higher percentage of Uranium exportation?
Damn, Niger.
I said, god damn.

By the way, Niger is spelled with one “G”, Morphaze.
Or…oh. Oh, that’s just ig’nant.