Do not turn on your PS3 fats today - FIXED


DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PS3s with or without an internet connection.

An issue that causes games to not be playable that use trophies as a reward system was thought to be caused by a firmware update has been confirmed to not be a firmware issue. It is an issue with the internal clock reading the date as Feb 29’th. This causes issues with any game that has trophies. As far as a solution, the PS3 should fix itself within the next 24 hours with hopefully no lasting effects.

Again, even if you do not have your PS3 connected to the internet, DO NOT TURN IT ON TODAY!


So…even if you dont turn it on, you still wouldnt be able to play it til March 1st anyway…right?



LOL, Y2K bug finally came…after 10 years.


Oh noes!!! skynet?


“Revenge in 10 years is not too late” ? Chinese proverb (From story of Gou Jian)

Obviously Y2k/Sky-net has been planning this all along. :shake:


I had no probems with my PS3 this morning. Turned it on at around 10 for some Heavy Rain action and it was fine. I have a fat ps3 too.


OP might be right. I just turn on my Phat Ps3 guest what, My date time is 12/31 thats all i have displayed on my screen and the time is 18:39 easter time and i cant log in for the internet. It keeps kicking me out lol.

EDIT: My ps3 phat as the time/date for 12/31/1999 lol and i have wireless internet connected.


I tried playing some MVC2 at around 1 AM, couldn’t log onto PSN so went to training mode. One problem: despite me starting the full version of MVC2 it booted straight to the demo version. I hope I didn’t just erase my purchased copy :confused:


the apocalypse begins



yeah, mine doesn’t work. It sucks because I hardly play my PS3, but I have lately thanks to Assassins Creed 2, and of course this shit happens.

And Sony blah blah blah’s about how they are “narrowing down the problem” and are working on a fix when they know damn well what the issue was when it started. They’re just spouting this PR billshit so that we wait out for the day to end just like they are.



Yes, this is confirmed. According to someone at Sony I spoke with, it should be resolved by midnight.


Fuck man I made a Y2PS3 thread last night and deleted it thinking all It’d do was get me flamed. Fuck you TS :slight_smile: Mildly of course.


My fat PS3 also worked last night; think it’s the older PS3s that are affected, as I have the 120 GB model that isn’t backwards compatible and only has the two USB slots.

Could be wrong though.


Only if you promise to go full force.


I made the mistake of attempting to watch Net Flix around 12am CST and BAM!

I doubt we will get anything for free seeing as it’s affecting a specific version of the console.


I remember Microsoft giving everyone a free shitty XBL arcade game when Live went down, though you do have to pay for XBL. I’d be nice to get something in return like a free DLC credit.


It only does everything*

*except leap year


Got my PS3 with the MGS4 bundle.
I’m effected :frowning:



I can’t play PS3 for 1-2 days???

You mean I actually have to get a life???