Do not understand the vitriol against Hakan

…best character design ever. Easily the most original new character since Cammy and company, sweet visual design, irreverent moves, and by God, he loves his daughters.

I don’t know how anyone could watch that video and not instantly decide to 2nd, if not main him.
Get over your homophobia, because Hakan will smash you come april.

Those are his kids?I thought he was a creepy pedophile

Animosity towards a new Street Fighter character on my SRK? oh shit somebody call da ambalamps!

Hey… wanna know something cool?


Quit letting people’s opinions get under your skin, it’s not that big of a deal dude…

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Dudley’s mustache > Hakan.

In other words you want Hakan to oil up his dick and smash your ass? This is a first. I never knew of a gay person who wanted to have sex with a SF character before. Good show chap.

i don’t genuinely give a damn, just something to discuss.

You are incredibly correct sir, since I don’t understand hating him for no reason, that means that I do, indeed, want his oily dick up my ass. Suppose I was homosexual? Would I take your comment as commiseration or insult?

And regarding the “sex with a SF character”, it’s not at all as if straight men haven’t lusted after Cammy, Sakura, or Chun before…nope, never.
I think the topic of homophobia among SF players (teenaged and ignorant as they tend to be lately) deserves a thread of its own…but I won’t start it.

Why is this on FGD

Your point is well taken. This is definitely the first Street Fighter themed post on FGD.

Without the oil, it cannot be done…

What I don’t get is why people who go “I don’t understand this reaction” immediately go into “hands down best character design of anything ever”. I mean don’t you feel like you’re giving away a little bias here?

Homophobia? Hakan is married with kids!

The only thing I don’t like about Hakan is his stupid-looking ultras, but most of the new Ultras look stupid anyway (ROFLcopter anyone?) so it doens’t really matter.

Granted, the fiction makes it clear he’s straight, but if you look at the Hakan thread in SSIV forum, the majority of the negative reactions mention the oily/gay connection.

You’re right in that I can’t expect everyone to like him, I think my main issue is not that people don’t like him, but that a particular few have very lame reasons for not liking him.

in the words of legendary game designer david sirlin, “stop whining”

What everybody fails to point out in this thread, is that somehow hakan is more original than cammy and the rest of the world challengers; which somehow were more original than a game that had a chick that could jump from walls, do a bunch of kicks really fast, and spin upside down in the air doing spinning splits. At the same time, the game featured a gigantic green beast who could electrify himself to shock people, a sumo wrestler that launched himself head first into people and a flying spanish cage wrestler that jumped from walls, fought with a mask & claw, and could seemingly suplex by diving at you.

Is there a new level of stupid in the forum? Motherfucker has that dumb groove bar filled to the brim and unleashing the beastings. Let’s not even get into how awesome Makoto was in 3S, Gen is as a design in the Alpha series, plus the awesomeness of bison.

Damn, I just got beasted by that D-groove.

So you have an “issue” with people having “lame reasons for disliking a character”

How old are you

Not that I care much about the thread, but yeah.
Rapid kicks, flying headbutts, melodramatic assassins, and electricity being a power are seen much more than oil wrestling in any media that involves fighting.

The harshest criticism is always closest to truth.

Well I don’t think it’s much the people who don’t like him, I mean I’m not really that in love with Hakan. I think it’s more the people who are RANTING AND RAVING because they don’t like him. I’m not really upset over Hakan, though if I had some sort of a choice for that character slot? I probably would have picked something else.

Granted I would have picked Rolento, so maybe that sort of makes me a dork :3