Do other fighting game websites do tournaments?

I just noticed, every tourney I have been to, I got from here in the tournament forum. I am not a member to other sites so I am not sure, but do other sites have a forum for tournaments? If so, they probably suck so its free money.

The dedicated sites like Dustloop and T. Zaibatsu obviously do their thing for those games. Some regions and cities, and definitely other countries often have their own sites/forums and run tourneys, but of course these are specific to a particular geographic location. Same goes for the homepages of arcades and gaming centers.

Honestly man, I think if a tournament for a Capcom game is going to get posted anywhere else on the internet, it’s going to be here. I know that a few other sites tried to spring up during the initial boom in SF4’s popularity, but none of them really caught on. All Is Fighter is probably the only one that didn’t die, but I have a feeling that all of their tournament listings are duplicates of things already posted on here.

Even when dudes from other games like Smash or whatever try and have a SF4 side tourney at one of their events, they’re always smart enough to post it up on here anyway.

(If you were curious, lots of sites do have online tournaments but of course we know that shit just isn’t the same.)

Yep. For better or for worse, I’m pretty sure that–if you live in the States or Canada–this is more or less it. :smile:

Ever heard of the World Cyber Games? They play this game there called Virtua Fighter 5…

Dustloop and Meltybread have tournament sections but they never seem to be as active as the one here on SRK.

damn. I’ve been wondering about this myself. So much for easy money eh?

I have heard of this “Virtual Fighter” in tales of yesteryear. It’s rumored that its most evolved form can only be found in Japan…