Do other people feel this way?

What I like about an arcade is when you go to a an arcade to find fighting game competition it seems more of a social gathering of people who enjoy fighting games and people are friendly helping you with tips on how to get better improving you as a competitor whereas the newer generation of fighting game players that have never been to an arcade and dont understand anything about the arcade culture. When you play online you see a lot of egotistical assholes who talk a lot of shit because they are ranked high or some other crap. This is the difference between the online and arcade/tournament environments. Im not applying this to all online players but it seems like the majority of the online players are assholes and have no moral value. I believe the people who play online act like this because nobody can see them, they wont really suffer from any consequences, and because they have no social skills. Its like they want to make a name out of themselves by being assholes get a thrill out of it. It doesnt really bother me it just annoys the hell out of me. Its like a lot of online players brag about how good they are because they are beating casual players but when people that are tournament players come along and fight them thats when they really use excuses like lag, being cheap/cheesy, or that Tier List B.S. (but they werent saying that when they were winning) and they start sending all kinds of hate mail, saying racial slurs, & harassing you. For all the online players that are not like this Im not talking about you because there are some online players who do show respect and offer challenging competition but since arcades are declining in America some people can only access online as their only means and I can understand that but when you act like an asshole online its a different story. All Im saying is show some respect.

I would show you some respect if you wrote in paragraphs.

Lol at ur sig. All ur doing is feeding the 09er retard stereotype. No one wants to hear how u feel. Ppl are assholes online because its ONLINE. Now take this to Gamefaqs. Close thead k thx

Please stick your topic in your actual thread title. A blanket question asking “Do you feel this way” is just a weak way to get your thread attention. If your topic isn’t relevant or interesting enough to get attention on it’s own merit, don’t clog up the forums with it.

It’s a disguised rant.

Also I graduated in 09.


I know what you mean. I’m starting to hate playing on GGPO because of the extreme lack of actual opponents. if you lose, they leave and tell you you suck and leave. if you win, they accuse you of cheating, whine, say “I don’t feel like dealing with X thing today” when in fact they were never capable in the first place… they just wanna sound big and bad, or tell you you suck and leave (???). they feel the best when you go even with them, but some are so paranoid that they make something bad even in this situation and leave. they will not listen to anything you have to say (ex. hey the game crashed. let’s start up again. NO U RAGE QUITTED. what, why would I rage quit, I was winning. STFU RAGEQUITTER) and they won’t even accept compromises (ex. tell them they can pick your character for you and give you a list of attacks you can and can’t use). WTF. when did gamers become so shitty?

I don’t care about people’s attitudes. I don’t care what they say or what they do. I don’t care how annoying they are or whatever else. all I want is someone to play who wants to win and will keep on playing. I want to play a person and NOT wonder if they’re paranoid.

totally agree with you :china:. I much prefer the arcade environment

I used to wonder why people hated 09ers so much

I get it now.

its like your asking if you prefer breathing air or gasoline.

Basic grammar.

Learn it. Love it.

Make your shit fucking legible.

Chun heres a little tip.

Go to your local shopping centre
Buy a keyboard with a working “enter” key

Chun Li SRK…

Aww you changed your sig? What happened to:


Cry More Bitch.

Before anything ulovemikeroch your avatar is awesome.

Anyways, I would love to play in an arcade atmosphere but alas the closest arcade is Haunted Trails with messed up buttons =/. So its online for me, which I’ve found out is not as good as practicing against someone next to you

Well the arcade I go to is pretty empty because it’s in a movie theater so not a lot of people challenged me or vice versa.

Do you really expect me to read all that?

indent it or make a tl;dr note please…

All Im saying is show some respect. v:smile:v

Just out of curiosity…what game(s) do you play on GGPO? I have only played Vampire Savior so far and my experiences have been very good. Everyone is a good sport, and the expert players – if they speak English – are very nice and willing to help you improve. Most of the time they give me advice without me even asking lol.

I guess the player base is defined by the game and how many people actually play it. If you play something like Street Fighter IV for example you’re bound to get many n00bs and ragequitters

used to play 3S. now it’s just MvC and ST. MvC is especially notorious for this fucked up behavior, and I’m hearing from people that 3S’s is even worse.

I get players sometimes that are normal ass human beings. some dudes say hey, how you doing, holy shit nice honda/your honda is boring to play against, last game, ggs. but every game, I wonder… do I have a normal person, or do I have an utter asshole? usually, I’m afraid of even eccentric behavior that can be mistaken for this. for instance, when CHARMIN plays you in MvC he just wants to dominate you. that’s fine and dandy, I’m cool with that, guy is alright and actually stays to play the fucking game

Fucking hell I am so pissed off at OP right now I think I feel my major veins and arteries wriggling.

Chun you have to understand, if it isn’t ggpo or 2df some other asshole somewhere else in your life will act this same way.
Don’t complain, we all know this is a problem. Also most ggpo peeps are cool to me.