Do other people's accounts keep resetting?


Randomly sf5 wintry let new log in. Then when i finally can again, it asks me to pick a name again and doesn’t save all mu points or ranked. Anyone knows if this should be fixed tuesday when its officially released?


Don’t waste your time leveling up and earning FM if you’re gonna be pissy when they reset it:

That is correct. We’re essentially doing a full server side reset almost every day as we head towards the official launch date. We’ll do what we can to level the playing field, and that means…

  • FighterID will need to be re-aquired/re-registered
  • Fight Money will be zero’d out
  • League Points and Online Rank will be reset
  • Player Level will be reset
  • Per-character Level and EXP will be reset
  • Rank/Casual Match fight history will be reset

Since the server is inherently cross-platform, serverside wipe will affect both PS4 and PC users.

What will remain is locally unlocked content such as alt. colors that can be obtained by clearing per-character story mode and various difficulty levels of Survival mode. Since FM and EXP is wiped, players will have to re-do those modes to re-acquire FM/EXP that is normally obtainable through them.

EDIT: Steam unlock will happen simultaneously WW on Feb. 16th at 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time.



Thanks, that’s what i figured. I’ll just unlock colors and play ppl for fun then


Yeah, it’s not like those super short story modes will take you that long to redo. Plus, you keep the alt colors from Survival, so not that much of a biggie, unless you had a great win ratio going in ranked already.


"Also, we’re checking with Valve to see if we can advance our release times on Steam to match or come close to PSN’s release times. No promise though as it requires a lot of coordination with our server operations, dev, and marketing teams. In addition, we’d essentially be asking Valve to launch and support the game on a national holiday. (Note: Feb. 15th is President’s Day here in the U.S. where Valve and Capcom U.S. office is closed)

Again, no promises just yet but I will let everyone know via announcement post should the release times change. I'll be on point all weekend and through launch, so rest assured I'll be updating the community as soon as we have more info to share."


Good news for PC Players:

"Updated Launch Times!
February 15 - wbacon [capcom]
Great news, Street Fighter fans!

We’re happy to confirm that the release date & time for Street Fighter V has been moved up per the revised schedule below.

Europe…Feb. 16 @0:00AM UK (UTC+00:00)
AUS/NZ…Feb. 16 @11:00AM Sydney (UTC+10:00)
Americas…Feb. 16 @0:00AM EST (Feb. 15@9:00PM PST)
Asia…Feb. 17 @2:00AM JST (UTC+09:00)

EDIT: added UTC time zone for extra clarity."


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Ahh damn it. I gotta stay up late tonight then to try it out instead of early in the morning.


Unlocking colours won’t work as when my account was reset I lost the colours I had unlocked too


00:00 GMT/UTC now.
Can I start to play the game or there will be another reset? (PS4)


Are we able to use the same username on both PC & PS4?




Damn lame thanks.


Sooo, my colors are gone now too -___-