Do other players see the new Ultra Summer Vacation costumes without purchasing them?


I was always confused by this.

So if I bought a couple Summer Vacation character packs (with the cool 22 colors I might add!), will other players even see them, or is it just for myself?

This whole time I’ve been using Dan with the grass skirt, thinking it was a funny little gag to let others see. But maybe they never even saw my Dan in the grass skirt, and just saw a default Dan on their screen? If I’m paying $3.99 I want to show off these costumes to everyone!


yeah everyone else sees them. I didn’t buy any summer packs but fought against a summer Poison the day they released. Everyone has all files on their system


One thing that is confusing is sometimes I’d be playing someone (like a Ryu or Chun) and on the VS Screen, it says “You have not purchased this outfit” or something like that, right below my opponent’s name.

What I initially thought was, we should all see every single costume ever made even if we didn’t buy them (since the files are either on disc, or downloaded through patches). But now that I think about it, I see some but not all of them. It seems random to me.

edit - I’m playing on the Xbox 360 version btw, and have Vanilla and all versions up to Ultra. I’m wondering if the Steam version is handled differently and they do see all the costumes, while console don’t?


on PC you see all costumes even if you didnt buy any, not sure about consoles


They will see the costumes as long as they have downloaded the compatibility pack.


I play on 360, and I couldn’t see the summer costumes other characters were wearing until I bought them myself. I didn’t even know there was a compatibility pack.


What is this compatibility pack you speak of? Something you can just DL on the console versions??


Yeah, I’ve just downloaded the compatibility pack off the XBL marketplace.


The Vanilla SF4 costumes, and first set of SSFIV costumes can be seen by everyone because they are on-disc DLC.

For every other costume you will need to have downloaded the pack yourself, or download the corresponding costume catalog. The costume catalog is free.


If you have Ultra on disc, then everything except the summer costumes will show up without having to dl anything.


Stupid question: but how on steam do you get the summer costumes. I heard that if you preordered usf4 you would get them for free. Is this correct?


No, you only get the Alternate 2’s for new characters for pre-ordering. Have to pay $4 individually or $20 for all of them.



Its quite the rip off, $20 is more then I paid for my upgrade so lul plus they’re all mostly hideously made.