Do people play SSFIVAE online on PC in Australia?

Apologies if this is the wrong section but how big is the PC AU community in SSFIVAE?

Australian communities are never really big and I don’t want to buy SSFIVAE on PC just to find out that no one plays it.

are you aware of OzHadou?


I’m just starting out with fighting games

Check out the tournament sections in the forums for local tourneys
Most players play Xbox though

Yes plenty of Aussies are on PC.

…yup, and they only pick blanka…

Normally at any given time when I search for endless, I can usually find at least 2 open lobbies.

PC is starting to become the console to play on in Australia.

Well I went into multiplayer at 9pm in Victoria and I didn’t find many people playing. Maybe 3 or so people let alone players of my skill level.

Search Endless Battle or Ranked Match or make a lobby someone will always join.

Dont bother with Team Battle or Tournament Battle you can even use Fight Request whilst playing Arcade Mode which finds matches pretty fast usually.

Whats your GFWL tag i will add you?

It’s ashxu I think.

I only play a few matches a day though.

Check the world boards in the regional section as well.