Do people sell only the "rim" for sanwa buttons?


well, as the title says it lol
i’m just curious, i’m having a bit of a button overload here after my mix and matching lol

i know… that way i have extra buttons, switches, and all that “downside/upside” stuff, i’m just curious ><


You can find some in the clearance section on Focus Attack.


oh cool, you’re right :smiley:
it’s kinda limited… but it’s something hahahhaha
thanks man, it will be usefull soon ^^


Unless you have a specific colour you need and the MCZ site doesn’t have it, and FA does, it’s not any cheaper


Not any more, from those who tried, it ended up being a costly endeavor as only certain colors of rims or plungers are sold
and the manufacturers do not sell the 2 halfs separate, meaning they got to separate the buttons by hand and take a lost on unsold stock.


yeah I can see why it wouldn’t be a good business
well, having extra buttons means having extra spare switches anyways, so might as well just keep the mix and matching going


Well from I understood from Paradise Arcade and Focus Attack they can buy the switches separately, hence why they still offer the switches separately.
it is the rims and plungers they can’t, it isn’t feasible.

I pretty sure if you contact the stores, jmanDMC of Focus Attack, and armi0024 & SusanInParadise of Paradise Arcade Shop can confirm this and go into more detail.


sorry. i don’t quite understood what you said.
if I got it right, i’m not saying they would have more switches. I’m saying if I buy the entire button to remove the rim, I will have spare switches, which is good XD