Do people still play HF online?



Just wondering. I got a free xbox360 that’s broken and I’m looking for some games to play. SF2 series is my favorite series. I’d really like to play some people who know the game well, this is a game I want to get good at even though I’m very bad at it.


Yeah man, there is still a core group of players that play regularly. Best time is after 7pm most nights.



I used to play, but the rankings system got screwed up. I’m on randomly in the Quarter Match section, but it’s REALLY random.


Awesome to see that people play. Time to repair my xbox.

I look forward to being schooled by you again decoy :smiley:


I’m the same as Dream Theatre. I still play, but probably once once a week or so…usually at night or in the afternoon on the weekend.


Every once in awhile. I just like to hop into quarter matches and shoot the shit about the old school gaming days. I hate it when somebody joins my room with a big ego- kinda kills the vibe of the room.


I played quarter matches…got to the point where i was winning a lot…then some dude starts talkin about how im cheap when I upper his limbs…

Then dudes talk about how Street fighter 4 is out in china, and swears to god by it. Then he talks about how good he does against everyone in street fighter, and if there was ever a tournament for it…he’d win for sure.

Then he says chun li is the best character in HF, without a doubt.

I kinda stopped playing cause that stuff gets kinda irritating.

Plus, if you keep playin fighting games with lag all the time, your style starts to get shittier, you start to do stuff that only works because of the lag and it wouldn’t work in a real match next on an arcade cab or side by side. At least this is what I’ve noticed.


If people start making shit up like that, I just kick them out of the room.

Also, I love how people who tick throw all day long bitch when I use a tick throw to win the match.


I hop on at random intervals, but at least 20 minutes a day. All quarter matches all the time. I need to placate my ego by beating on people in front of others. =P


LOL, Todd. That’s the beauty of quarters.


yea no shit…i got that first day…and played my ass off. i was like 560W-91L…wtf? they like restarted it. i thought they did that after you dont play for a while. hmpf


Don’t know if I amount to much but I still play it a few times a week, I new to SRK so let the hazing begin.


I play a little, but add me to your friends list. If you see me on and want to play just send me a invite.


yeah…i play at least every other day…i play blanka cause anyone else i choose i cant even do a simple dragon punch!!! if that game had 0 lag i would be on it non stop!!!


Yeah, I remember playing you, your Sagat is actually pretty solid.

Only way you’ll really get hazed if you post a “Hi, I’m new!” thread in GD, or if you make a thread bitching about throws or something.


I play a lot as well. I usually just pic Balrog as my main guy. Since his attacks dont require too much precision unless you’re trying to lock down :frowning: Anyways it’s still fun, I usually play ranked for the hell of it and its where most people seem to play.


not since umk3 but if you wanna play send me a FR at “stanley decker”


I guess I can delete your old GT now (if it hasn’t disappeared by itself anyway)


oh ye ayou’re krush right

i sent you a FR

anyone who had rob sigley on their list add me back i forgot who was there and i dunno how to chekc :frowning:


I get bored and hop on every once in awhile. GT is xD Vega, send me a request.