Do players usually give themselves nicknames?


Or they should at least be good enough to give themselves? I watch players on streams and of course, they’re good and have nicknames, but do you have to be good while in the FGC before you give yourself a nickname, or you can go in and just give yourself one? I’m just curious.


Whoops, Newbie section. Smart ass reply not appropriate.

Im not sure what you mean by nicknames. The handles we use like ‘Toodles’ and ‘Dramatix’ are what we each decide. There’s no name registry or union dues or anything else. Dont sweat the details, just practice and play hard.


Nah make your own up.

EMP HufflePuff :smokin:


Names like Viscant, PR Balrog, Marn, Poongko, Yipes, etc.


OP: the ones that you mention are, just like Toodles, Dramatix, DanDan, Dagon, etc., self-derived nicknames. Others, like Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and Poongko “The Machine” are coined by onlookers. I get your concern though; nobody wants to be that dude who walks up and introduces himself with a corny-ass nickname. “Hey guys, I’m new around this arcade, but you can call me xDeSTroYerx420.”

Point being, don’t give yourself a stupid handle like the one above and you should be fine :rofl:
Also, just my own personal preference, I introduce myself by my name (not my handle) when meeting new people at tournaments. Some would rather introduce themselves by handle. There’s nothing wrong with either.


Or be cool like me and use your last name as your nickname.


I was hoping your name was about the film Gummo. One of my favorites.

I always thought you used names others gave you. I’ve been introducing myself as Scrub for a few years now.


It seems kinda strange to go to places and have a nickname…I’d take the Mike Ross/James Chen/ChrisG route and make something based off your own name.


These days the REALLY big names don’t even use their nicknames anymore.

Personally I like using a nickname so SF stuff doesn’t come up if some employer is checkin up on me or something.


I don’t like it when people give themselves nicknames. If you’ve been around long enough, you will get a nickname.


Yeah, mine is BasedCable at my local Ranbats


'round these parts I’m known as “The Slut”


Do you mean your actual handle that you use for tourneys? You just make one up. For example, you have chosen the name Dramatix, therefore I will call you Dramatix. See how easy that is?

Now if you’re talking about getting ANOTHER nickname, one that you didn’t choose, then yeah, I guess the community can decide to give you a nickname that you don’t want.

For example, we have a local player around here named Gabe. His tourney name is Gabe, but does everybody call him Gabe? Hell no. We call him Thrillhouse, because he looks like Milhouse from the Simpsons. Even the stream guys call him Thrillhouse, and put his name as Thrillhouse in the brackets and text overlays. At this point, his name is completely out of his hands.


Ah Frootloops…


Curious, how did you get that?


everyone needs EMP in their name, it builds character.


I’m sure some ppl are given nick names, but it’s safer to pick your own. Otherwise you might end up being known as ‘dickbrain’ or ‘crapbag’.


People just use their own handles. Community given nicknames usually aren’t a good thing, just ask omgitzdroppedcombos. And you definitely don’t won’t the stream monsters to give you a nickname. Dramatix is catchy enough just role with that.


A handle is often necessary because do you know how many people named “John” can be at a tournament? Generally the handle will help with identification. As you get known, it could become your nickname or as others said, something else could become your nickname.


“You play Akuma?! I hate that cheap bastard… Come see me at my office right now!”