Do playing with people shittier than you hurt your game?


You can’t improve (martial arts, bodybuilding, games) if you aren’t challenged.

Only if they don’t want to get better, which is unfortunately the case for me most of the time. =/ I hate it here.

Try to encourage whoever you’re playing to get better, tell them you want them to be better than you. Who knows, it just may work.

it depends on the game and the person, if they are outright scrubs, no.

if they are semi-good and understand the game and combos, but make dumb decisions, rely on gimmicks to win, are overly aggressive, yes it hurts your game.

When you have to dumb down your game to beat the person, such as doing things you normally wouldn’t do against a good opponent,but you do it on that person because it works and gets the win. Stuff like doing unsafe high risk high reward, it might or might not but can develop bad habits.

yes it hurts your game.

Dumbing down your game is not adaptation.

Cuz i’ve been playing Street Fighter Anthalogy with my little brother a lot lately, who’s 8 I think. And today on mame I won about only 20% of games today in Alpha 3 instead of like the usual 80+%…

No offense, but if you can beat him 99.5% everytime, then you yourself need a lot of work.

I play against people that I usually beat overall, but occasionally lose to around 1 in 100 matches. So I guess I still need the work.

But people who are worse than you isn’t entirely bad. A friend of mine isn’t too good since all he does is whore s.HP with Dudley, but it does give me some parry bait to practice with.

I wouldn’t know, since I’m the kinda sucky guy that hurts all your games ><

Only if you go easy on them. Stuff that works on scrubs/decent players wont always work on good players. So you better be able to switch it up when a real challenge comes around. Playing bad players is mainly only good for practicing combo execution.

I think that it can hurt your came if you play people who suck on a regular basis. For example, if I play some of my friends who are garbage at Street Fighter for awhile without playing some of my friends who are good, my game starts to get rusty. My mix-ups and throw game start to become weak, just because I start to get lazy and expect things to work that really shouldn’t.

I’m not great, but when I fight people who are worse than me, I work on new techniques. I get to practice combos, new characters, new grooves/isms. This makes me more diverse, which makes me better. I do admit that I get tired of dealing with guys that only throw fireballs all day long, but then they can’t handle even a mediocre rolling Kim, so heh.

I clicked “no, it doesn’t.”

In many instances, the case may be that it helps your game. Sure, it’s not going to really push your limits and force you to improve. But it can refresh your outlook of the game.

If all you play is at a high level, you’re going to be relying on high level strategy, and you might not realize just how stale this makes your game until you square off against some novice who doesn’t really know what he’s doing. High level strategy doesn’t work on these people, and they’ll often remove an embarrassingly large chunk of your life meter before this sinks in. They’ll still lose miserably (if you’re any damn good), but it’s still a good shot in the arm for any player. Novice players simply play the game in a different way, using inferior tactics. Even inferior tactics can be temporarily effective if you’re not expecting them.

And although sparring benefits your game the most, never underestimate the value of 10 minutes against a punching bag.

I spent 6 months in the deserts of California with one Tekken 5.0 machine after I had already converted to 5.1, playing guys that can’t block/punish 10-hits, break throws, or deal with simple mixups. The only thing I got out of those plays was minor combo execution and a high reliance on throwing standing people(because they also didn’t know to duck throws, even when I telegraph them). Once I got back to Okinawa I was getting beat on for a bit till I worked the scrub mentality out of me.

So yeah, you’ll get worse.

Yes it makes you worse…makes them better…you know what they say…in order to get better you’ve gotta play people the same as you if not better…

In tournies if you’ve been playing Joe Schmoe forever and beating his ass it’ll come to haunt you when you play people that have been playing the Wongs and Daigos and Mopremes of the World…you See that Joe Schmoe aint shit and you need to see more…

It all goes back to this adage- “You are as good as your competition.”

Now don’t get me wrong…that does not mean if you live in Redneck Hick town Texas that (Aka Lubbock) you can’t come out being deadly. But you’ve gotta work hella harder and take more from majors and tournies and opportunities when you are around people who can play than those who have constant high level competition…

That is IMO and thats what I do because for my SNK games Dallas aint the place to be…I’d rather be in places like Cali or NYC where the scene and level of place is higher as a whole…so I gotta work extra hard to stay ontop of things and make up for the lack of skill in my area.

Say for example you have a particular tactic that works against one of your challengers. Just because it’s effective against them, doesn’t mean it’ll be effective against top level players. If you’re playing someone worse then you, you probably just want to condition them to the level you’re at, instead of using possibly ineffectve tactics simply so you can beat them.

it doesn’t hurt it, but likewise, it doesn’t make you good by any means… playing the CPU in marvel for example… sure, you’ll get better at executing against a moving target… but a player moves a lot differently, and you wont be able to get the hit as easily against a person as you do against the CPU… so it COULD make you worse… but i don’t know… it DEFINITELy wont make you better.

Yes it does hurt your game and can make you worse.

If you aren’t challenged by the other player you can beat them using less advanced tactics/technical tricks. If play weaker players often you get in the habit of using these sub-par methods and the higher level ones (that often can’t even be used against a poor player) become rusty. Your skill level will deteriorate.

In some cases you’re better off not playing at all, then playing a shitty player and developing bad habbits.

To draw examples there are quite a few “pro gamers” that will not play anybody outside of their skill set because of this.


This is exactly they type of situation I was thinking of when I posted. It can definitely afffect your tekken 5 game.

Eh I think it comes down to how well you compartmentalize games against novices againt people who are better at them. I approach a 3S game against someone who doesn’t play very differently than I do a person who knows how.

It’s not hard to know what works on the scrub here, most oft won’t work against players here.

Case in point, I had a friend who was a novice in fighters, and used to begin every match with a jump in. So I would automatically just do my anti-air at the beginning of the match, and more often than not he’d just eat it. Now, when I play other people I don’t go for the anti-air, because I know most people aren’t going to give me the free shot (or just parry it), for me it all just comes from experience copious amounts of both kinds of play.