Do playing with people shittier than you hurt your game?

well umm…every player needs to learn to change habits and adapt no matter which opponant he plays.
and besides, if playing worse opponents gets you worse, why would better players be willing to play against you and help you get better?

I guess it all depends on your level to adapt because people use all different tactics but it might not make you worse because of it. If the CPU is worse than you and you play against it constantly, that won’t make you worse either.

The CPU soooo makes you worse. Those things should come with warning labels: PLAYING THE AI IS BAD FOR YOUR GAME.

Yes. I got used to doing hish risk high reward combos then went to the mall and got raped.

I think it depends on how worse they are. If they are of the group that will usually be beaten but you could make one crucial mistake and lose…I would play a bunch of matches with them to refine my auto pilot. Take the time to intergrate something I think would help into it.

But if they are of the group that the only way they could win a round is if you stopped playing, there’s no point in playing them for long.

I think it depends. If the person you’re playing is just mashing buttons or doing the same move repeatedly, then maybe you’ll develop bad habits dealing with it. If the other player isn’t as good, but still reacts to scenarios the way a human player would (ie. blocking, poking, etc), then it doesn’t weaken your game, but you probably won’t be getting better.

The AI on the other hand…

Edit: On second thought, you could get better. Even if they aren’t as good as you, maybe they’ll use unorthodox strategies you haven’t seen before, or a character you don’t play against often. Both of those can give you valuable experience in whatever game you play which can make you a little more versatile.

What’s the point of that “versatility” if it never gets applied outside of those situations? I can assure you that almost 75% of the shit I used to win against EVERYONE out in 29 Palms would get me killed in real play, especially what I was doing in Marvel. The Tekken stuff not as much.

So some of your guys are saying that your “top level” strategy will not work against scrubs? Then maybe you need to work on reflexes and adpating to the sitution. I’m sure top players play ppl weaker then they are all the time but there’s a reason why they don’t “scrub out”.

Well I can see what you are saying Tension but from in my experience higher level play sometimes doesnt work on true scrubs because they are not conditioned to think that way…

For example is 3s if you could beat a true scrub with Q in the game if your real character is Yun then why even use Yun against them?

A better one…if you can beat a true scrub with a fireball-DP mixup only then why even bother doing all he other UOhs and lkx2xxsa3 and run in throw and all that other shit? It would be wasted motion…save it for someone worth the time.

To me I know the person aint that great if I can beat them soundly with my non tourney characters…if I can beat you with my non-tourney characters then to me you are scrub…

This all goes back to the “Art of Sandbagging”…if you are playing scrubs especially…why show them all your shit for free??? Why show ANYONE all your tricks for free?? Save your best for when it counts…a tourney.

playing people that sucks indeed hurts ur game

playing people that “rape you” still doesnt do any good to u

u gotta have a balance between playing people ur same level ( to see how u have progressed ) … between people better than you “but that wont rape or destroy u” ( to learn at a moderate rate and improve ur game ) … and lastly between people thats slighter worse than u ( u know … to practice combos against real people and put in test the tactics u have learned … better than playing the AI right ? )


A win is a win.

Top level strats do not work against scrubs. I think it’s a known fact. I’m not entirely sure why but while you’re tying to play minds games they’ll usually just wack you. It’s just enough to damage, but not quite enough to win. A lot of times you just have to turtle and wait for one of many screw-ups.

I like that.

exactly, mind games or mixup situations don’t work because they will usually wack you.

QFT, they usually mash out of situations

runaway will always work… top level runaway will ALWAYS work against a scrub. then they get really bitchy and yell at you for cheating.

this is by FAR the best answer in here. you need people better than you to teach you and people worse to practice on. which is why the worst players never get better: nobody to practice on.

Dime pretty much hit it on the head.
And yeah, the easiest way to get rid of a scrub is just to turtle and counter. Rush-down/mix-ups tend to get stuffed by random normals/specials, unless your rush-down is spectacular.

just look at it like it’s training mode, and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

training mode where one of your poke strings can be stopped by random mashed srk/super