Do PS3 Mad Catz Fight Stick Pro's work on PC?


I know earlier Mad Catz PS3 sticks wouldn’t work on certain computers using certain chipsets, but what about the new PS3 Pro’s?

Are they still just as iffy for PC as the earlier PS3 sticks? The 360 Pro’s are backlogged on the MadCatz store until late August and I really don’t want to wait that long for my stick especially with Ultra coming out around then. ;_;


The pros are fine.

The sticks that were effected with the incompatibility was the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV SE, the Mad Catz TE round 1 and Mad Catz TE Round 2, with the TE-S the issue was fixed.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll be ordering a PS3 stick then while the sales are still up.

Also, I assume SFIV should work fine, but how about other games? I love GGPO, does GGPO handle the PS3 Pro’s or will I need to use some sort of padder software?


Depend on the game


i have the XTekken ps3 stick and it works on all the emulators ive tried it with, but one of them i had to move the ls/dp/rs switch to left analog stick. nulldc though didnt recognize one of my qanba 1 360’s L buttons so i had to detach the wires from one of my other buttons to it. weird but it was a simple fix.


So the PS3 stick arrived, and indeed it seems to work pretty well. Only issue is that the Start and Select buttons don’t seem to respond? Is that normal or is there an issue with my stick?


Ah, nevermind. Turns out the “Lock” feature also locks out the use of Start/Select. I switched it to unlocked and it works perfect now!