Do Rivalries Matter? Answer = Yes!


Wolverine vs Ryu
Dr Doom vs Chun Li
Deadpool vs Dante
Captain America vs Trish
Ironman vs Morrigan
Super Skrull vs Felicia
Thor vs Amaterasu
Dormammu vs Viewtiful Joe
Hulk vs Chris Redfield
Spiderman vs Frank West
Magneto vs Albert Wesker
Black Widow vs Crimson Viper
Hawkeye vs Arthur
Psylocke vs Hsien-Ko
Iron Fist vs Akuma
Loki vs Zero
Whiplash vs Nathan Spencer
The Kingpin vs Mike Haggar
Squirrel Girl vs Tron Bonne

The Initial Roster… Not Including… Unlockable Characters, Possible Hidden Characters, Future DLC Characters, and Time Constraints/Issues That Occur During Development.

Dont give up hope on more characters, I’ll be leaving more clues as time goes on throughout SRK, probably on gamefaqs PS3 side too. Goodwill Hunting True Believers…CZR19


In before the lock.


Captain America vs Trish?

Even worse,

Super Skrull vs Felicia?

What do these chars have in common?



Wesker VS Magneto? That would be pretty bad ass. But just for next time bro, if you are not trolling and want to tell your opinion on something, post it on the corresponding threads above.


What was the point of this thread?