Do sa1 has total invincibility on start up, the same with sa3?

I saw it on coop 4 vid hugo go through jumping hk of urien with sa1 clearly.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘total invincibility’. You can hit Hugo out of SA1 with a lot of regular & super attacks. You can even beat SA3 with some regular attacks. My wakeup SA3 got beat by a jump back rh by Ryu yesterday.

Ok ,I mean can sa1 beat meaties? And you sure first 1-3 frames of sa3 can be beaten by
j rh? Or ryu just jump back and in 10-030 frames hit you out of sa3, when your start up priority is over?

It has invincibility, but you can be hit out of it.

I donno how the start up invincibility works though, because I’ve had people stick out pokes on my wake up, and Gigas will eat 'em up, but one time my friend stuck out Ken far st. strongthe super flashed and instead of grabbing his arm, when the freeze ended the strong hit me.

Why some moves get beat and others don’t is beyond me… I know shit like Elena’s b.rh beats gigas beause she’s off the ground, but I don’t know why st. strong would beat it.

The only time I ever get hit out of SA1 is when my opponent is either out of range or in the air… effectively out of range.

Something that has happened a few times though is getting thrown out of it (just normal throw) I assume that this happens when they input the throw just before I input the 720.

SA1 is pretty much invincible on activation.

I saw a Ken close jab Hugo out of gigas. And I mean right during the startup, which I always thought was invincible from everything except unthrowable moves (uppercuts, anything in the air, etc).

Never ever seen that before.

I’ve been hit out of Gigas before. There really isn’t an exact science to it. Sometimes it just happens.

Well as shown in my Hugo Pwned thread…yun’s hat taunt beats Gigas

Yun taunt was out of hugo sa1 range I think

theres a lot of shit that can hit out of gigas, like low shorts, low jabs, taunst and a lot of more shit, the funniest shit is that when that happends they dont even know it till they noticed that gigas didnt grab them.

Stuff like that only happens 1-2% of the time. If you activate gigas and he’s not in the air then he should get grabbed. Can’t worry about random stuff happening.

you got that right that happend 1 out of 100 but you fell like shit when you dont connect it because stupid shit like that, lol