Do some characters help with game fundementals better than others?

Do you think there are any specific characters beginners should start with, that will help them understand what to do in the game? For example in street fighter, someone that would help people who don’t know what EX, cancels, and fadc or know but can’t pull them off? Or help juggling in UMvC? Or What ever it is that makes you good at mortal kombat.

you get the idea, any thoughts?

[or characters who are hard to use which makes practicing with them help improve your all around game]

cody is best to start off with and learn the basics! for example dont start with a grapler like abel or gen or a difficult charge character like blanka! you have to level or evolve into them by learning the basics so go with cody

o this isn’t suppose to be like a pick my main character, I’m using adon or want to end up using him. I just wanted to know the community thoughts but it looks like since everyone has such different play styles it depends on how you want to play.

There are certain all-around characters that will help teach the game faster than others. Best example I can think of is Ken from 3rd Strike. He will teach you spacing, zoning, hitconfirms, tick throws, punishments, risk-reward, etc., faster than the rest of the cast. It’s debatable that Ryu could do the same, but he leaves a little more room for error because of how much big damage he can do quicker compared to Ken, which could leave some bad habits and possibly dumb risk-taking.

Ryu is a great starting character in SF4 because he has easy combos but he benefits greatly from high execution as well. He doesn’t have anything ‘unfair’ like a command grab, he just has good footsies. So you have to learn the frame trap/throw offense in the game. You also learn how a fireball trap works (or doesn’t) and thus how to anti-air. He has lots of health so you can make a few mistakes. You learn how different matchups play differently too.

However if you want to learn Adon you learn that by playing Adon. Learn how to do a TK jaguar kick and how to combo off it (on standing opponent, xx lk Rising Jaguar. On crouching, Picking other characters can be a great diversion and there can be some tangential benefits between the two of them but besides that you’re better off sticking with one character.

Learn Dhalsim. Pure fundamentals.

you learn nothing about frametraps safe pressure and all the offensive stuff with sim

blanka…difficult… lol

But you learn how to control space, how to properly use fireballs, how to anti-air properly at specific ranges, how to mount an offense with a character that relies VERY little on combos, and more about footsies damage. Frame traps and other technicalities of SF4 are game specific. They’re important, for general knowledge about how fighting games are meant to be played, it will teach you how to dominate with pure fundamentals, which is a universal skill.

More importantly it teaches you how to play defensively. I’m not talking about mashed uppercuts, focus dashes, or any of that nonsense. The real test of a good Dhalsim is how well he can operate under intense pressure, without easy escape options. Yes, his teleport is an easy escape option, but it’s also highly predictable and easy to punish for a majority of the cast.

Exactly this.

I’d find it hard to say that sim is pure fundementals, he wins through things that are fundemental to the game, but he does it in a very different way than most of the cast. You say that he teaches controlling space, but he excels at doing so. That’s like saying yun teaches you how to mount an effective offense, he has an effective offense - but that’s the way the char was designed. Teaching defense is a whole nuther thing too, yes its nice to play a char with no options, but 'sim is one of the chars who singularly has piss poor escapes. [outside of the inventive teleport when they’re trying to cross up or something] There’s something to be said about enrolling yourself in hard knocks, but why not just play gouken or something then and become the worlds best SF player - the skills just don’t translate well.

To the OP, just play who you wanna end up with. If later on you wanna practice something that char doesn’t have try it on another, but in a FG nuances are important - sticking to one char greatly enhances your depth. If you’re looking for a char who neatly packages the details, Ryu is great for this role.

Ryu and Chun in almost any SF game will teach you fundamentals.

What you’re looking for is a character that has these traits…

  • Doesn’t rely on gimmicks (Blanka, Viper)
  • Doesn’t have a linear gameplan (Gief)
  • Has a variety of basic pieces, like throwing games, footsies, links, and zoning abilities (Chun, Ryu, Honda)
  • Has a variety of types of attacks for execution. Blanka, for example is all easy execution. Gen, on the other hand is generally very difficult execution.