Do sticks provide an unfair advantage?

There’s an SF4 tournament coming up in my area, and they are on the fence about letting people play on sticks. Last year, they didn’t allow us to play on sticks (even though we had them), and we made a big ruckus about it, so they’re reconsidering the rules this year.

So, do sticks provide an unfair advantage over pad players?

Technically, no, everything that can be done on a stick can be done on a pad. That said, its much easier to do many things on a stick than on a pad. If the tournament is looking to be taken seriously at all though, sticks should be allowed

Sarah Palin banning sticks?

Do me a favor and punch the organizer in the face for being so retarded. If anything, pad players are at an advantage due to custom button mapping. But realistically there is no advantage in stick vs pad. Forcing stick players to play on pad is like asking a baseball player to hit with his helmet.

sounds like a gamestop tourney
as thats the kind of shit they say around here as well about the sticks

if its a shit stop tourney its best to just not attend it anyway

Removing sticks isn’t fair competition, what about those who only play on sticks rather than pad, it isn’t fair to them, that’s just a rediculous excuse to remove sticks. If such a rule was to exist you may as well limit the tournament to the stock standard xbox/ps3 controller as anything beyond that contradicts their fairplay methodology.

Most people will tell you that a stick is better than a pad. As such … it’s probably an advantage.

However I’m at a loss as to how it’s an unfair advantage. There’s nothing you can do on a stick that you can’t do on a pad. Execution is your own problem.

Frankly I wouldn’t bother with a tournament if the TO doesn’t understand why people use sticks.

So they want to equalize the playing field by penalizing players for investing and using the input device that the game was originally made to be played with, that seems somewhat backwards. Using a stick provides no inherent advantages over using a pad (unless you are using additional features such as turbo, which should be banned regardless of the input device), the primary reasons that people use sticks are comfort, precision, and the ability to apply their experience with a stick to any platform they play on, as opposed to having to learn how to play the game on multiple types of controllers.
Players that say the stick gives an unfair advantage do so to justify their own lack skill. There are successful pad fighting game players; however, they are not as common as stick users for the above reasons.

Playing on a stick doesn’t guarantee a win against a pad player. Sticks should be allowed.

That is some seriously dumb shit right there

stick is the standard, not the other way around

Do hands provide an unfair advantage? Do eyes? If a blind person wants to enter should all matches against him be played with the television set off? The people holding the tourney are idiots and you shouldn’t participate on those grounds alone.

If a person is used to a pad they’ll probably do better with it. Hell there are people who are most comfortable with the original pads like the original 360 and PS3 pads. It’s personal preference. Sticks are only a controller, they do not provide an advantage, it is a preference, end of discussion.

Sticks are not an unfair advantage, they are not an advantage, they are just a controller. The correlation that people with sticks do better is more that they spent 100 bucks on a controller and obviously are pretty invested in the game. Also it implies that they have been around longer and are used to arcades. A kid whose first fighting game was Tekken on a console is not going to be used to a joystick, because he wasn’t going to make his 60 dollar purchase into a 160 dollar purchase, simple stuff.

Further it implies some knowledge of fighting game culture which leads to a more advanced form of play. I mean those people who HAVE joysticks probably would just win with gamepads, so it’s really moot. Arcade Sticks just have been popular because these games were played exclusively at arcades for a long time, this is no longer true, there are great gamepad players out there.

I mean Shine is a 15 year old online Gouken who uses a pad and he placed second in Battlefield Arcadia soooooooooooooooooo, and that was his first Tournament I think.

It’s simply a correlation based on spending habits, and experience. Though I don’t give a shit, if a pad player goes through all the trials in the game and spends hours on hours playing the damn thing, he’s going to be good. Hell, I hope a pad player takes Evo.

Arcade sticks are not unfair.

They’re normal controllers that you buy. They take time to get used to if you’re not used to one, and everything you can do on a stick can be done on pad (I know, I play on pad).

It’s not like Turbo, where you just hold down the button and the function repeats. It’s a legitimate gaming tool, and how well you do on a stick is still limited (Or enhanced) by your own skill.

Besides, those things are expensive. @_@

Pads provide an unfair disadvantage.

Xavier says doing negative edge and pianoing on a pad isn’t fun. I agree.

Is doing negative edge fun on a joystick?

I should disable all my buttons except LP and MK. Therefore, nobody else in the tournament can play with the other buttons because it would be an unfair advantage.

Don’t get it twisted. You do get an advantage from learning stick. However, it’s not an unfair advantage lol. People who play pad are playing with a disadvantage but it’s their choice.

I’ve never tried negative edging, actually. Then again, the characters I use don’t normally require it.

Ya don’t take a sword to a gunfight…

IMO They don’t provide an unfair advantage. I think that people who say that “such and such is unfair” also think that fairness is “everyone having the same chance of winning”. What if a stick-user uses a pad against a pad-user in an effort to be fair and the stick player wins? Will he still be at an unfair advantage?

Playing on stick has its benefits. Its up to pad users to decide for themselves if they want those benefits or not. I play ggpo on keyboard because I choose not to spend money on a stick. Maybe if I went to a Major I would though :bgrin: Like others have said, using stick may be an advantage but it is not unfair because everyone can go out, buy a stick, and play until they’re good with it. The same goes for a pad.

LOL I like it

This entire thing is an issue because so many people seem to want to insist that there is something you cannot do with a pad. If it’s what a person is used to, it’s what they’re used to. I don’t think we’d have an issue with stick backlash if there weren’t so many people screeching about how pads put you at a disadvantage.