Do Street Fighter 4 Pros Daigo, Dr. Chaos, Mike Ross, etc play on Arcade Mode?

I’m trying to get even better in Super Street Fighter 4 but sometimes my internet messes up and doesn’t allow me to get online. I was wondering if I should play Arcade mode. I don’t want to pick up any sloppy habits

stick with training to practice inputs and online, or preferrably any local offline group, for real play. Arcade just teaches bad habits, since the computer has utterly perfect reaction times, can be completely gamed and exploited, and has no mind game component to it.

I think the only reason to ever play in Arcade, EVER, would be to get titles/beat Seth where it hurts, etc., lol. OT the only practice in arcade mode that has ever helped me is realizing what certain characters can do, and practicing FADC’ing. For example, Cody can do SO much with Zonk Knuckle, yet I haven’t seen that many people, even pro’s, using it that much. I think it’s an underestimated move as of right now.

Well, I sit in arcade mode if there are no Endless lobbies up/no one is joining mine. So I host ranked and play around in arcade mode, beats just sitting and waiting but it’s not really any proper practice :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably best to stick with training mode and play against real opponents. Only time a really use arcade mode is to test out combos before I try them against real players.
That said, I remember Justin Wong mentioning in an interview a awhile back that he does/did spend time playing against the computer. However, all I can specifically remember about the conversation was him saying that it is easy to predict what the computer will do and that playing against it is boring. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

The only time I play the computer is if it want to work on initiating combos right after I learn them.

Since we all know jumping in doesn’t work on the computer for the most part, you have to find other ways to do it.

There are shortcomings though, the computer is cheap as fuck.

Dr. Chaos is a pro?

The pros are good because they practice with the best, and they work out any weaknesses in execution in training mode. A cpu is mildly helpful at best when it comes to hit confirms. But even in that case you’re better off setting a dummy to random block. Idk man, human competition is almost always better.

The truth is playing arcade mode, once you’re good, actually hurts your game. If you’re still learning it’s not a bad idea, it will generate bad habits you eventually have to break, but no I guarantee you those people don’t play in arcade mode

Arcade mode will help you improve defense because it teaches you to play safe.

Only play arcade mode witht he attitude “I’m going to play as safe as possible”. Because the computer reads inputs and shit they will punish anything you do that is unsafe. The less you get punished the safer you’re playing.

Otherwise it’s worthless, it’s so easy. If you’re not getting punished but, you don’t play that safe then arcade mode can help you with nothing.

You can train for specific situations in Arcade mode. For example, I’m trying to get used to dashing in and punishing via ultra 2 with guy after a blocked DP, in addition to always using the proper punish combo on reaction. So I turtle against the CPU and punish everything as properly as I can.

Obviously a real player won’t walk up to you and do a DP, but you can still get used to the motions and options available and try to make reacting to blocked “whatevers” more based on reflex rather than thought, allowing you to always use more of your brain power towards strategy.

This is something I often do when I feel I’m “off my game” for the evening :]

To answer your original question though, no, I’m pretty sure they don’t.

To me he is >_> Best Ken player ever

Dr Chaos is really really really good at SF4, yes. And I mean he’s really good. But pro? Not really. He’s what you could consider a “top player”, but not necessarily a pro. Daigo would be considered a pro, but not Chaos.

Also, I don’t know if it’s still like this in Super since I don’t play Arcade Mode anymore, but I know that at least in Vanilla, Focus Attacks beat just about every character on Hardest difficulty. You could charge point-blank Focus and almost every character except a few would throw out some stupidly high recovery normal, then you could crumple and beat the shit out of them.

Rinse, repeat.

Daigo probably plays arcade when there is no one playing him in the arcade that day, :stuck_out_tongue:

Dr. Chaos get blown up

It isn’t any different, trust me. =)