Do the character's moves seem backwards to you? Why only one Persona?


I say this because you have characters that are supposed to zone, but lacking effective defensive tools(Elizabeth & Naoto), characters that are for up-close and personal fight, but lack mix-ups(Akihiko & Kanji) and characters that do practically everything with no real weakness(Aigis, Yu & Mitsuru). i understand that there are going to be tiers no matter what, but the play designs to me don’t make any sense. the game could be even more polished. what do men and women think?

Do think the game would be better if you could pick a Persona instead of having access to only one? like how you can select different Arcanas in the Arcana Heart games.


Excluding the main character, characters in the Persona universe have one persona and cannot manifest others. The main character is capable of manifesting multiple personæ, but he still has his own cannon persona, Izanagi, which he uses in P4A.


I don’t know about Elizabeth but Naoto’s defensive tools seems really effective to me. Really a tough fight when a Naoto player constantly set up traps all over the area as well spamming her gun.


when you put it that way, it sounds like SSFIV -_-


Honestly I have noticed the same thing. Like why does Yu have a fully invincible beam super? Why are Akihiko’s persona attacks so slow and far reaching when he is meant to be rushing that shit down, they really don’t do anything for him. Then like you said, zoners have really poor defensive options, Yukiko’s R-action for instance is total ass and does almost no damage.


Mebbe its not their fault and you need to be a bit more flexible with your definition.

  • A character like Elizabeth is zoning with her Persona. That’s pretty unique. It’s not the same as a projectile character with a get-off-me move.
  • Labrys is pure rushdown with slow moves and invincibility… oh, and ludicrous range.
  • Aigis is a stance change character with a defensive and offensive mode. She lacks vertical defense. Her R-Action is blah and 2B has no invincibility.
  • Akihiko is a rushdown character with a magnet, paralysis super, a full screen super, specials with built mix-ups/frame traps, and 2 invincible anti-airs.

Looks different… yes. But looks legit too. I personally feel each character is loaded with offensive/defensive options. Yu, Mitsu, Aigis, Chie, and Aki just make better use of them.


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