Do the new PS-14-Gs fit in a Madcatz SE/TE stick?

I remember a little over a year ago, there was a “bad batch” of ps-14-g snap-ins that were a little too big to fit in an SE/TE stick. Lizardlick has a bunch of new PS-14-Gs in new colors. According to the diagram on lizardlick, the main portion of the button is 29.8 mm, same as the PS-14-GNs I put into my SE before.

To anyone that has purchased the new PS-14-Gs, how well do they fit?

I too, would like to know this.

Well I was supposed to receive them yesterday but the buttons were missing from my package. So I will have them Saturday to test in my SE.

For anyone curious, here is the old thread to read

Interesting though, I thought someone else would have purchased some of the new PS-14-Gs by now especially since they’re available in new colors

They will fit with force anyway, just don’t apply that to the plunger of course. You can also decide to trim them for a more normal fit.

Ah, so I’ll just have sore thumbs for a little. Heh not bad, as long as they fit! I don’t plan on taking them out anyway…

I had to remove some 8x PS-14-Gs cos my buddy wanted to swap to Sanwa.

That hurt.

Hmm yea they still have the same problem. >_> How can I widen the button holes?

I imagine a dremel tool would do the trick

Hmm is there anything else that would work? I only need to widen a 30 mm hole to like 30.5 mm

EDIT: I just got a sanding sponge and works fine on the buttons.