Do the Teams have unofficial stages in 2002 Unlimited Match?

I say “unofficial” because I noticed that the stages have background characters that can represent certain teams.

High School - Saisyu and Chizuru so it’s the Japan Team
Beach - Duck King and Alfred so that’s the Fatal Fury Team
Dojo - Butt and Eiji so that’s the Art of Fighting Team
Cambodia - Marco and Eri from Metal Slug. Since they’re military characters, I assume that this is the Ikari Warriors Team

So, what stages would you say represented which Teams?

Yes, K’s Stage and his teams is the Neo Geo Stage…

Nameless’s Stage is the Laboratory
High School Team is the High School stage…Iori’s Team is the Arena…and those are a few…Fatal Fury’s Stage is the beach…so yes here’s what happens:

  1. In Vs…if you are playing with your starter character Nameless vs. K (your opponent), the stages will alternate between the Neo Geo Stage and The Laboratory constantly…

  2. In Single player vs. the CPU…it will go on whatever stage the team has…

Korea Team’s stage is Dongdaegu Station and has Kim Sue-Il from Kizuna Encounter in the background. The blonde haired girl in the TKD outfit also has some relation to the story, I think she’s someone’s girlfriend or another one of Kim’s students or something like that.

This is a dumb question but is there any way to select a stage other than it being determined the first choosen character in VS?

I don’t think so. Unless you want to play 1 vs 1 in practice mode where you can select the stage.

The stage and music you get in VS mode is based off the first character you SELECT on the select screen (not the first one in your team order).
Every stage I believe has at least two variations for teams to share:

Japan High School:
-Japan Team

Korean Stadium:
-Kim Team
-Jhun Team

Kyokugen Dojo:
-AOF Team

Mediterranean Beach:
-Fatal Fury Team
-Women Team

Cambodian Ruins:
-Ikari Warriors
-Masters Team

Roman Colosseum:
-Orochi Team

Times Square:
-Agent Team

Neo-Geo Land:
-K’ Team
-High School Girls Team

Chinese Restaurant:
-Psycho Soldiers

-Clone Team

Yagami Team and 97 I’m not sure of. They might be “wandering” teams.