Do the Xbox guide buttons light up with chimp dual mod?

I have a xbox stick and it doesn’t light up on ps3, but it’s fully functional. Is it normal for the guide buttons to not light up while playing on the ps3?

i did a dualmod with that 2 weeks ago… and randomly the lights turned on and off… even the turbo ones D:

Xbox 360 lights up because you still have the TE PCB.
PlayStation 3 was never in your TE, so no light.
ChImp doesn’t do Player Indication.

You won’t have Turbo for PlayStation 3 either.
Why? Because ChImp does not do it.

For a split second, the light ring blinks when plugged in, but that’s about it!

Torta, does your guide button still work?

yes, everything worked properly, just random lights in ps3 mode… 360 mode worked perfectly

The lights do not mean anything.
It will always happen when Dual Mod TE with Cthulhu.

That is just how it is.
And Toodles says so.