Do these type of joystick tops exist?

That’s what I am looking for:

Never seen one but anyone competent could turn one on a lathe in a few minutes.

Do you live in South America? I kind of remember playing on cabs that had a stick like that in Brazil.

Yep, they do. You can get a version of IL Eurojoysticks that have a top like that.

No I live in France. Love those kind of sticks, they are not very good for fighting games but in my opinion they are perfect for shoot em ups were precision is very important.

Thanks but I can’t seem to find it, inputing “IL Eurojoysticks” on only gives 2 results, 1 result which brings me to one of your topic on this forum…

Lawfer, this question should be asked in a french forum like: or

Although most people there prefer japanese gear, you may find someone able to give you some relevant pointers.

Why? Is this the typical European joystick top?

Kinda like the baseball top is the typical American joystick top and the lolipop is the typical japanese joystick top?

You are probably thinking of the Happ Subminiature.


Yeah it’s close to it, but that’s not quite what I am looking for:

I thought you were french lol. However, some guys can still tell you were to buy this kind of stick locally ( and don’t seem to have them)

Franais je suis, but I live in a small town there is no arcade here as the only one closed years ago. I haven’t played arcades in years, but I know this kind of stick that I want for my setup:

That joystick in the picture looks similar to a Happ Top Fire stick


Actually that’s where I got the drawing from, but the problem is I need the same kind of top whitout the fire trigger as I plan on using 3 fingers, the thumb on the right side, 2nd finger placed on top and the last finger on the left side.

So actually this joystick is perfect, except for one thing, it should look like this:

Nice Paint Job.

Can’t help but this is really funny :rofl:

Glad you liked it lol

The Eurojoystick PE is the one I will get, it is not as small as what I was looking for but nevertheless the best in terms of choice as the other ones all have the firing button and I don’t want that:

I’ll be getting this:


only suzo sells this ver. Eurojoystick **PE **

K I found it on the SUZO catalogue, it’s:

Eurostyle Joystick: Part no. 22-1076

How do I order from them?

Also I found this other place:

But it doesn’t say PE