Do They Have The Rights To Evil Ken

can they slap evil ken in this series anywhere or is that a ummmm…well i dont know much about that but anyone who does know can you help me out

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“can they slap evil ken in this series anywhere or is that a ummmm…well i dont know much about that but anyone who does know can you help me out?”

Evil Ken was “created” by SNK, strictly for SVC. Capcom has never actually introduced the idea of Evil Ken in any game whether through the canon, or just a game character. That’s still an odd thing concerning that character seeing that Ken is a Capcom character, but the Evil Ken concept was created by SNK. Not really sure how that’s handled, but IMHO Evil Ken is kinda stupid so it’s probably best that Capcom doesn’t own it, if they don’t own it.

Are you sure? I’d never seen him anywhere other than M.U.G.E.N.

Evil Ken somehow someway has Orochi Blood proven by his moves, so I’m not sure he could even fit in the US Comic since they can’t really deal with Orochi Blood and stuff.

Hong Kong SF Comics have entertained an ‘Evil Ken’ for years now. But he is ‘Satsui No Hadou’ Ken.

Capcom has never entertained an SNH Ken. SNH only effects people that are dedicated to fighting and nothing else. Sakura has it in the MVC Games, but she does have the same dedication to fighting, not enough to have SNH in the SF Games, but just enough for the MVC Games. Still even in the MVC Games it’s kind of a joke. Her Japanese name translates to something like ‘Suntanned Sakura.’

In the Comic, Ken has Eliza to ground him and her pregnancy, so he has too many factors to tie him down so he can’t be as dedicated to fighting as Ryu is at this point, so SNH shouldn’t be a problem for him. Still like Ryu said in Issue 6, the fact that Ken has something to protect should make him a very strong opponent in upcoming Issues.

That variant of ‘Evil Ken’ showed up in the games in SFZ3. He’s referred to as ‘Psycho Ken.’ He’s the same exact Ken, just that he is brainwashed to follow Vega’s(Cape) Commands. No difference.

The ken in the Street Fighter 2 animated movie is not evil ken, hes still psycho ken. How can ken be evil if he never really kill anyone when he was brainwash by Bison. anything in a movie is not cannon unless capcom stated so. Having an Evil Ken would just still Ryu’s storyline and we dont want that. and we also dont want Ryu to be stealing kens storyline too. So both having different life and world is better for the two. Evil ken is just SNK’s thingy and mugen too. Hes basically just a dream character that people want to see. Samething with Ryu, hes not really Evil-Ryu, capcom of japan just called him Ryu in CVS2, but i rather just say evil-ryu to set ryu and evil-ryu apart. So yea, its better to keep the evil ken and evil sakura away from the comics. the evil-ryu is the most interesting storyline that ties in pretty good with Akuma. :smiley:

I think they took his design and idea from the mugen character , i mean both character stances are the same and SNK sure as hell did not come up with the concept of a Evil Ken as a character. I’ve seen him around for years on mugen sites before SVC was even announced.

errr the hk comics has a evil ken…

in the sf story ken is the one who kills everyone at the end and alex comes from the future to kill ken and ryu before its too late…

Man I ain’t getting that comic that sounds screwed up, and I thought Malibu was bad :rofl:

Evil Ken as has been said never exactly existed in the SF world, sure he was evil in Alpha 3 in the game for Ryu’s scenarion, but he didn’t actually become a completely different character then. Though in the real plot according to Tiamat’s guide it was actually Ryu who got possessed by Bison’s psycho power.

The only game Evil/Violent Ken truly existed in was just Playmore’s spin off game SNK Vs Capcom Chaos (Which still isn’t out in the UK).

Anyway it’s all been covered previously lol.

“Orochi Blood”? care to explain?

Orochi is a dragon god from a shinto legend. Susano (brother of Amaterasu, the sun goddess) defeated the Orochi dragon, then found the Kusanagi sword. Goggle it, if you want.

The strongest bad-guy on SNK games is Orochi himself. People touched by or with Orochi blood go crazy (when theres someone with pure Orochi blood nearby).

For SVC, they grabbed the idea of brainwashed Ken from the movie, gave him the “Violent Ken” name and slapped a Orochi column in his DM. Thats it.

there is a evil ken based in the hk ver of the comics series…

everyone but ryu,ken and chun li survives

ken get his mind back when his wife stopped him and ended up hitting the stomach which where alex is in and then alex(from the future) slowly disappears…

anyway it doesn’t matter how the story goes they can change teh story anyway for example in the comics it said ryu gave the scar in a tourney in the game or anime its some outdoor with lighting and thunder around…

coz they just send capcom the plot and capcom has to decide if they let them release it that way

but trust me ken will become evil and ryu will become evil in the end because he has no choice to defeat a particular person

WTF does that mean? Can you please explain that with a little more english?


sounds like alex is kens son and somehow a time machine fits in to all of this?

That’s what I was thinking. “Kill me will you? Fuck that. I’ll just punch your mom in the fucking ovaries until she’s barren and watch you fade away like a ‘Back to the Future’ polaroid!”

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jesus you guys dont know that alex is kens son… kinda like a cyclops and cable ripoff…

hmm the ending can be found in the sf3 2nd impact i dont remember whos ending either ken or alex you’ll see that scene

and yes alex’s head band suppose to be ryu’s for some reason i dont understand as everyone can see alexs head band is much wider than ryu’s i dont know oh well

dont believe me if you want people have their own beliefs

Maybe because Alex ISN’T Ken’s son.

No, kinda like some made up shit for a comic

Sure endings can be found in second impact. None of them imply that Alex is Ken’s son… unless your masstick doubles as a crackpipe for some odd reason.

No, I won’t because it doesn’t exist. Better yet, how about you go play SF3:Double Impact right now and tell us all which one it is. We’d love to know. Better yet, let me save you the trouble.

Alex’s ending: He returns to find Tom (the gentleman he set out to avenge) fully recovered from his fight with Gill. Hmm. No mention of Ken there. (Alex’s father is DEAD btw.)

Ken’s ending: He returns home to train his son Mel who punches him in the nuts. Hmm. No mention of Alex there.

Thats is the is the stupidis theory i ever heard. Ken only has one son and thats mel. I can tell youre not a hardcore street fighter fan.

hmmm like i said believe what you want but i’m pretty sure about that ending in the street fighter 3 W impact maybe you guys dont have it in us ver.

and it also saids so in the hk ver of the comics

anyway like i said believe what you wanna believe

Hong kong comics are not canon and they all ways switch the story around. All they have is good art and very bad story. For a example check out those kof hong kong comics and you will know what i mean.