Do they sell stuff at Evo


I mean like JPN people selling stuff and people selling games, the last time I came to 2007 there were


Thats one thing i was hoping for. Vendors selling stuff like arcade parts etc. There didn’t seem to be any this year.


that’s actually illegal apparently, i was reading about it in a seperate thread


SRK member Laugh was selling those awesome InPin PS2 -> PS3 converters at Evo.


But the question is was he selling them at cost. Cause if he was then basically it was he got the money and made one big trip to the converter store and came back with some for everyone.


Where was this?!!


Nowhere specific, I just caught him over playing ST and between rounds asked if had any to sell and bought one.

Pretty sure he had made a thread or at least a post about it beforehand…


Laugh was just walking around.

I saw another dude who had bought those converters and he pointed to where he was. I saw him next to the Street Fighter 4 pools, directly to the right of the big screen.

Slash5150: Not sure how much these usually go for, but he was selling them for 23 bucks.


My friend was selling dual-modded TE sticks and there were some peeps giving out samples of their clothing lines.


when I was at Evo 2007, these JPN people were selling DVD, games, posters and CD soundtracks to video games

was that a one off then ?


At evo 2004 there was a vendor in the BYOC room selling books, figures, games, ect.

Dunno who they represented though.


so when I come to Evo 2010, will there be the same sort of thing or not ?


Doubtful. The most recent years have not had vendors to sell products.



Glad i came in 2007 when I bought stuff of these JPN dudes

wonder who they were then, seemed quite a few and they seeme to be frmo the same company