Do this project and get paid


Sincerely hope i’m not posting this in the wrong thread/forum. Here goes I need an original piece for my company. It will be used as a logo You will be paid if your submission is picked. I can’t guarantee how much but in the neighborhood of 50-100 bucks. I wish i could pay more but hopefully that will help here goes.

The colors to be used are purple black and silver or white.The name of the company is Strike First and should be incorporated in the art work. We would also like it to feature colorado in some sort of way. I’m not really an artistic person so thats why i came here. hopefully some of you guys can throw together some rough drafts so that you don’t spend too much time and effort.

The rules are simple keep it clean get it picked make it look professional. get paid


I am not a fan of free pitching but I will give it a go. What does this company do? Kind of essential information…


this is not the forum for this. moved to IMM.


It is a game company. We throw tournaments host gatherings and run streams. We have a lot of plans going into this year, but me and my partner are both artistically handicap. I realize a lot of people don’t like to do free pitching, but the item is owned by you until we purchase it. I can’t guarantee a ton of money just thought it would be nice to pay someone for making something.


Sounds like a cool idea. Hope this goes well for you MGS.


thanks thought i’d offer it here before letting some goon charge me 30 bucks an hour. for something that might suck.