Do videogames still have cheat codes?


Read title: I’ve realized that I domt hear about cheat codes anymore, has anyome here heard of or used them im cemt games? Or is this a thing of the past.


Games are so easy these days that you don’t need them.


Albert Wesker and Dark Phoenix are cheat codes.



Close the thread.


GTA series still does, and I think Saint’s Row/other similar titles.

Skyrim has that console command thing where you can cheat 900000 ways to hell too.

Question answered. That wasn’t so hard guys.


unless you play demon souls and dark souls on new game plus


DeS and DaS are arguably easier on NG+ because you are aware of the environment, and enemies.


Its pronounced “Seth”


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Grandpa what’s a cheat code?

In all seriousness besides free roaming games like redbeard said it’s pretty much a no.


Did saints row 3 have them? Because you can legitimately unlock/buy unlimited ammo and practical invulnerability . Vehicle delivery is a standard feature, you even get a “homie” to drop off a helicopter pretty early on.
Console command is more of debug/service to the pc gamers, I definately wouldn’t put it in the same category as the Konami code or something.

I think its a legit question, it seems like more games would rather offer a “pay to win” dlc bundle (or a “time saver pack”) rather than have hidden codes. Hell, even secrets in games seem few and far between. Maybe they have some easter eggs, but like, how many secret warp levels are around?
I mean sure, youtube would quickly make them public knowledge, and regenerating health is unlimited health…but…the old press start and then random buttons, or sound test shenanigans do seem like a thing of the past. Now, if there are cheats at all, it is usually from some kind of menu. Where is the mystery? Where is the sense of cheating the system?



You are probably right. I didn’t play the Saints Row games myself even though my g/f got all 3 of them. I just remember her running around with cheats enabled and Hulk punching strippers into oblivion.


Games today are made so that even a brain damaged chimp could get through them in one sitting.

There is this thing though, but even this seems kind of lame compared to the original.


Saints row 3 actually did have cheats that you couldn’t buy. Like zombie mode, another that turns all civilians into pimps and hookers, and one that gives your vehicles complete invincibility and tank-like properties. I.E. being able to flatten a hummer with a moped. Just to name a few.
But in response to Kromo that last REAL easter egg I actually remember was in Ratchet and Clank 2 or 3 where you could go to the insomniac mueseum as long as your playstations timer said it was exactly 3am.



I remember when I was young and would go to markets and stores and rip the cheat pages out of Tips & Tricks magazines lol.

Besides people dont use cheats to much anymore. They usually disable achievements or whatever and for many hardcore gamers they defiantly dont want that…

Furthermore, I dont give a fuck about cheats really. PC gamer here, where we take cheating to a whole different level.
( or should I say art form when you see what some people are capable of doing on these PC games.)
Trainers & Modding.


I just miss the idea of cheat codes.

And yeah cheat codes are DLC now, and games are so easy now they arent even really desired.


I would assume the Grand Theft Auto series never stopped putting them in their games, otherwise what the fuck is the point of playing it o_O


I figure that cheat codes started to disappear when saving at checkpoints started to appear. At least helpful cheat codes were used to give bad players a leg up but games are made almost like you can just throw yourself at them till you win.
I also think that the cheats of yesteryear were replayability extenders. Cheat codes gave an incentive to play again but with some added advantage.
What you might see a lot of though in modern games are pieces of gear that are upgraded beyond the norm to give the player an advantage but this sort of thing must be earned. Sort of like the Cluckshot in Gears of War 3 or crazy special weapons in the Resident Evil series.
So cheats haven’t totally died…


Every once in a while.

You’ll never see cheat codes as hilarious as Sonic 2’s debug mode though. Freezing the game after materializing a thousand ring boxes and turning Sonic into a fireball at the end of the game FTW.


not really, you take a lot more damage and dont do enough damage in these games till later on, even the black phantoms on NG+ are a lot harder. Hell Contra 4 on DS is a real pain in the ass, fuck looking at both screens at the same time.